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Artificial intelligence is nowadays one of the most interesting scientific fields, due to providing several useful services (Siri or Tesla self-drive cars...) making life easier for us and saving time in our daily activities.

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Hi every one, probably you've heard this term before in an artificial intelligence movie or a New 2019 artificial intelligence documentary, and you want to learn more about it. well, today you will learn too much about it and take an idea about its uses, history, definition and if there is a danger caused by this Science!

While science fiction portrays A.I as robots with human-like characteristics, A.I can surpass anything, from healthcare services, Google searches, algorithms, IBM Watson to autonomous weapons.
So, at this point, a question looks sensible, what is the real definition of artificial intelligence? and how could it pose a threat to human existence?

Actually, A. I is intelligence provided by manual machines and robots, In contrast to natural intelligence provided by human beings, animals or any other creature alive. 
A.i is different from its daughter: machine learning: it is another thing!

This science has begun to evolve gradually, with the famous British mathematician, Alan Turing, who wondered if a machine could think, and he actually did it by making a big machine generating codes to know the meaning of coded emails exchanged by the German force during the second world war, the machine could calculate many operations in one minute before detecting the meaning of a unique special symbol, and hours to decode a small mail text!

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Actually, we use artificial intelligence a lot In our daily activities: while using the autofocus mode or auto-brightness in cameras, while browsing the Internet and search engines  or with any virtual personal assistants such as Cortana in new Microsoft laptops, Siri for Apple devices or Alexa for new Amazon device users.

Some experts see A.I as a threat to human existence, such as Elon Musk, who compared A.I to nuclear weapons and to the devil,
 this idea was confirmed by Steven hawking before dying the past years, as an expert in this field and one of the best and famous mathematicians and physicians.

In my opinion I think we must not believe in stereotypes and common impressions about this science, such as the movie of the Terminator, where we see robots are making a revolution and kill humans, we must know that this field of science is helping people a lot in their daily activities and make missions very easily such as learning, education, house chores, Industry, services …

 that’s why automatic robots can not yet get their own minds and make their own decisions, because of following our algorithms and our programs. 

But maybe these theories could happen in the next thousand years...

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