Facebook : why exactly is the best ?

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WE spend obviously more than 1 hour of our daily time, chatting with our friends and family 📱, seeing pictures and pages or purchasing and selling on the marketplace, all these activities  ON THE FACEBOOK, as one of the most popular social media platforms, if we don't say the BEST, but have we ever wondered why Facebook keeps always on the summit despite the high competition between these websites?

So, this is what we will discover in this article, and let's begin :

First, you must know that Facebook depends on spending money on publicity and ads everywhere even though it is the best, it keeps reminding you to come backlogging in and start using it, in addition to proving continuously that they still going on and going on improving themselves.

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Also, Facebook has many other activities most people don't know: especially ads, they earn every day a considerable amount of money due to promoting Facebook pages, websites, YouTube channels ...

Besides, this platform is not only a unique website, but it is also a social media network, including WhatsApp, Instagram .. which means inside each of those websites you will get transformed to the main website the FB.

One more important point, It is that Facebook is always hiring the best marketers, engineers, and programmers around the world, to improve their service every single minute, and of course, the role of a Marc Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook and the current manager, is very important, that's why he reads very important books and assists to many mindset conferences to keep himself up to date.

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Finally, adding new activities inside of Facebook makes it a very attractive site for children, young people and adults, for example, in the last 3 years, Facebook added gaming and online games inside the site. there are also groups, events, live videos, instant games, and many other sections.

To sum up ✔

it is very difficult to challenge the big Facebook team. But personally, I see that is very beneficial to make a unique platform for communication for everybody such as Facebook.

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