Why You Should Start Studying Economics And Money rules !

Most countries are trying continuously to improve their development situation through ECONOMY  💲💲  because it makes people's lives better and poverty percentage lower.
 Besides having a good ranking between developed countries.


Have you ever wondered why you must also start studying this science of economics🤔 ? , and why it is very important to know money rules?


Today you will know why through our article, where we will give you some arguments and some reasons, to start doing that, from today! 😍

And, let's get started!


In spite of having a good job or a good salary, you must start read some money books, to give YOU ☝ that mindset of a businessman, an entrepreneur or a rich man, because this new culture will open new opportunities to make more money and improve your family situation and why not quit your job and get financial freedom!


This new culture will help you if you got fired or lost your job, you will not have any problem starting from the bottom and get your level again!

Another thing, 

You must know that life is full of money tricks and hidden things rich people hide from you to avoid competition with them, these money tricks could help you to spend less and earn more, or to pay fewer taxes or to increase your salary...


the role of keeping up to date is important as well, and what we mean here, is that you must keep reading new books and recent newspapers containing the latest laws and information, to avoid committing a fault which can cost you a lot!

WE advise you as well,

Read rich people biographies and their success stories to save time and to get their experience and knowing their mistakes to avoid them or their advantages to take the same path they took, such as Tony Robbins, the best man writing about money, personally and economics.


Nobody denies that the selling skill is very important nowadays to know more people and make more money, yet this amazing skill is very hard to acquire unless you read selling books and start practicing, in addition, to know how people handle with money and react to high and low prices, What I like personally about this skill, is that you can earn some money through while doing your own job. Double Combo! right ??


The last thing is to read about economic history, laws, theories, leaders, and laws, for a better understanding of the mechanism of how the international and national market works , how companies and organizations work, and get something your friends and colleges don't have and finally get more chances to be better than them 😁

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