The Magic book : The power Of Habit - for a better life control ! Charles Duhigg

Have you ever wondered why we do what we do in business and life, why exactly the same things every day, with no difficulties or sometimes without even thinking? 

Well, this is what we call a HABIT, something we acquire from practicing for a long time until it becomes a part of our behavior

So basically, This book is discussing the power of habits, and their effects on our life, personalities, success, and behavior

it basically explains, how we acquire a habit, how we get attached or addicted into doing something and  how we can quit an old habit such as smoking, drinking alcohol,
 and finally how big companies, use this psychological trick of habits to get more customers by marketing and doing publicity, such as   McDonald's and Febreze.

The writer Charles Duhigg,
 tells as well real stories of real people and experiments, relating to this subject, such as the story of an old man who begun to forget his own life, family, and memories, he got Alzheimer, so he couldn't recognize his wife. But he still knows where his home is located, where is the toilet, the cookies in the fridge and the TV PROGRAM?

 Some university professors and some scientists, looking about this topic begin talking with him to know how he does this and how old habits still can lead him and still can get learned.

It is a new scientific discovery which tells us that our minds can learn anything by doing it many times until we got a habit, this habit can make us feel better, control our life and learn new thing to improve our life situation.

The problem here is that our brains don't know if this habit is bad or good, so they only do their jobs to do as low as possible efforts, and here we must  know the circle of habits, containing evidence, the routine act and the reward, this is how brains work, and this is how we can get rid of an old habit, by keeping the same evidence and the same reward but changing the routine thing, for example for people WHO smoke, while seeing a cigarette which is the evidence they must change the habit of taking it and thinking about nicotine and stuff, instead, they must attach this feeling into a new activity such as doing pushups, or sport or something else ...and rewarding themselves if they resist their lust,. And of course, we cannot acquire a habit immediately or while a short time, it gets acquired for more then 3 weeks.

These information took years from scientists, marketers, CEO, and psychologies to discover, because there is in the book many experiments of habits and brain response to new habits and reactions, on hundreds of mise and monkeys.
Finally, despite reading this article or any others, you must read this amazing book to make yourself better inhabits.

And good luck, thank you for visiting, and see you next time,

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