What is SEO , SEM and GDN ?

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         Welcome in our blog related to every technological, economic and cultural thing, in this blog we will give you the meaning of SEO, SEMand GDN,

So without introductions, let's get started :


 meaning Search engine optimization, and what we mean by this is the ranking of results on search engines such as Google or yahoo ... also while searching something on YouTube, for example, it means if we can find your channel or your videos on the top of the search page or we must scroll down for a long time to find your content.

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 but why is it important to show up between the first results? 

Simply, because the chance of getting traffic or new visitors is high if your site or your channel is shown at the top. 

      This feature could be developed through many tricks, such as choosing specific keywords or doing trending content ... in order to get new visitors.


means search engine marketing, and it is by the name: doing publicity or marketing through search engines.

      Actually, it is very useful in order to get traffic because it shows on the top of the search page of similar words searched, you can, by the way, do it through Google AdWords, as an example of google search engine.

google ads adwords letters scrabble


means Google display network, and it is related to images shown at the side of websites, search engines, or YouTube videos.

        These images show publicity of some companies or some websites, and it is the most popular way to get new visitors or make your product famous, 

because you can make something creative or attractive which can make people curious and click your link and maybe purchase your product 😍 .

So,,, that it for today let us know your ideas in the comment box below, thanks for your visit and Goodbye !

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