What makes You a different individual ?

Have you ever wondered why some people are special?

or why you keep preferring someone to another?

 or simply, did you want someday to be unique and not to resemble others by quitting the troup!

Well, this article is for you today, we'll advise you and give you some ways to work on, to make yourself special and quit the sheep troup, be unique, special and different! 

Because most of our friends and colleagues have the same boring lifestyle, same dreams, ideas, travel programs, and the same properties, 
so many people don't like the idea of resembling others -to obey to our social rules- and prefer individualism.

And guess what, this is a very brilliant idea, you know why?? , because :

different people make the world different

Think about the most famous physicians or scientists, they were special and different, and they have improved our life a lot...

 That's why we encourage you to think and feel this way, and we hope the best for you in your career and your life, remember very well that our world needs a lot of different people nowadays, which includes leaders and scientists...

So try to work on these topics:

Psychology :

Yes, your unconscious way of thinking, your attitude and your response due to external threats such as anxiety and fear, make a difference between you and others, because we read as humans unconsciously our friend's psychologies and thoughts. 

        That's why a person can get attached to you or can underestimate you from the first sight, or the first 5 minutes speech. 

       To improve this, you might practice on changing your behavior, get rid of bad habits and be more open-minded and easy to communicate with, and the most important thing is to control your emotions, especially while public speaking or while talking with a person.

Thoughts :

One more important skill to acquire is to control your thoughts, such as thinking only about a special thing in serious situations, for example, if you have a professional meeting, you must focus on thinking about your subject, in order to be completely evolved in the discussion and to make the other person feel that you are a special person different than others, who don't know the limits between their own life and their professional life.

This skill will help you a lot to control your sayings and your actions as well!

Look :

Most people reading this word think they should wear very expensive clothes and a unique fashion type such as a sport or classic...

       But the fact is very different: because you only need to be clean and average looking, simple and handsome, for example in most meetings you find many people exaggerating about their looking: it is not about wearing an expensive Rolex or shoes made of something expensive. Usually, people get attached to normal-looking persons, with a high degree of self-confidence and with stable focus and measured actions.

        So next time try to wear something handsome, like a black suit and a good shoe, a good cut for your hair, shaving your face and make sure to have a good smell, for a good first impression.


         Acquiring a special culture and a kind of knowledge will impress any person you are talking to and help you enjoy the dialogue, he will find something which most people don't have because we see nowadays the same boring ideas. This is the key to self-development...

        And the way to achieve this is to read books about your preferred subjects and to get new information about general culture and life facts, that's how you could use anytime information you've learned and got your friend's respect.


Most people react very rapidly and easily in front of new events and bad news, but you, mustn't, you have to be calm and thinking about the issue.  to give finally the best solution you can because it is not easy to keep your attitude calm and to give different reactions, and when you will do it, your friends will be surprised and will appreciate your wise decision. 

Finally: having an advantage

         When you have an advantage, people around you respect you and keep looking to you as a next-level human or a smart person, while you are not actually😅 Or maybe you are!

You have just took the knowledge adventure and learned a new skill that they don't have.

     This skill will make people always try to begin a conversation with you and keep dreaming to be like you! 

It could be a new language ㊙, something on the net 📱, speech techniques...

We wish finally that you learned something and that you will improve yourself after reading this as we wish all the luck for you and, we invite you to subscribe to our blog notifications to keep always in touch!

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