Beyoncé : How She Made $ 300M WITH UBER IPO

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 Rihana, Lady Gaga, Eminem, Leonardo Dicaprio, Chris Brown, Lil Wayne and of course Beyoncé. These all are famous singers in the united states, who have millions of wealth.

But most of the people around the world think that their wealth is only from shows, concerts, night clubs, and videos from Youtube, Netflix or other stream platforms.

The truth is that all these Hollywood celebrities are investors and entrepreneurs, which means most of their money is from the stock market, companies, real estate, and business.

In this article, we will take a brilliant example of the best business deal done by one of these celebrities, it's Beyoncé, and her deal with the famous international company: Uber.
known here in Brussels, Belgium, by transporting food (Uber eats ) by bikes and motorcycles and persons by cars.

"Gimme my check, ...
Or pay me in equity,

Beyoncé rapped on the song "Apes**t". The company Uber executed by paying in shares after having offered a private concert for a corporate party celebrating its IPO.

FIRST, Despite Uber's debilitating stock market debut, the scope of its initial public offering is a massive boost for those who entered the capital at the start of the venture. And the singer Beyoncé had scented the bargain.

Known around the world for her musical success, American singer and songwriter Beyoncé Knowles-Carter also regularly demonstrates a keen sense of business. 
No wonder then that we find "Queen B" among the beneficiaries of the recent IPO of Uber, the application of connection between passengers and drivers of VTC.

In this case, Beyoncé took advantage of the exuberance of the public relations policy of Uber founder Travis Kalanick (forced to pass the hand in 2017 after a series of scandals).

With the rise of Uber in the early years of the decade, Travis Kalanick had sought to be in the spotlight by appearing with various celebrities such as actors Leonardo Di Caprio, Gwyneth Paltrow or Ashton Kutcher, who would have invested in capital.

50 times his bet

The founder of Uber, known not to skimp on public relations budgets, had also contacted Beyoncé and her husband, Jay-Z, also a singer.

Like many leading American companies for famous artists, Uber hired the Texas-based singer for a private gala in Las Vegas, reports the website of CBS's Inside Edition. A service usually priced at about $ 6 million. But instead of pocketing his cash, the interpreter Training and Run the World (Girls) had opted for payment in Uber shares.

As a result, by agreeing to renounce hard cash at the time, Beyoncé's investment has grown to a value of $ 300 million-fifty times what she would have perceived at the time-says Inside Edition, without specifying its calculation. The story does not say whether the star has sold its shares after the IPO, while since its first day of trading the Uber share has already lost more than 11% of its value.

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