Euthanasia | Definition - How it is Done?

Euthanasia is a famous topic around the world, because of conflicting multiple opinions about it, especially in Australia, Belgium, Canada, and the USA. It is also related to the bible, religions, science and human rights and laws.

 which makes debating about Euthanasia very sensible!

Information about euthanasia

Euthanasia basically means ending the suffering of a patient who cannot be cured by painless methods. 
These methods are medical, that is, to put an end to the life of a sick person who has no hope of being cured. 
The term euthanasia is a contemporary medical term. By your physician.

There are cases where the patient himself asks the doctor to end his life, because of the pain and aches caused by the incurable disease, where he wishes to get rid of these aches, and if he had religious scruples would not request this request.
 There are other cases where the patient's parents ask the doctor to comfort their patient because of the suffering, especially when the patient is in a coma and the fact that they can not look at their patient in this case.

How the issue of euthanasia was dealt 

 The issue of death or euthanasia has become one of the issues that are universally disputed, in terms of whether it is legitimate or not, and whether there are moral, religious and legal justifications, let us consider
how to deal with this topic years ago

  • The subject of euthanasia Nothing new, were primitive peoples were doing it, they were killing the lame man so as not to hinder the movement of the tribe. 
  • They were burying infectious diseases alive so that the disease would not spread. Nazi ideologues and Nazi supporters were killing a child born with congenital malformations and calling for the elimination of patients with mental and physical disabilities. 
  • The author of the idea of ​​euthanasia in medicine is the philosopher (Nikon), an English national, where he said that the doctor must help the patient and restore his health, but if he lost hope in his recovery, the doctor must prepare him a quiet death. 
  • With the existence of the Islamic religion, the situation is different. The question of death and life is not in the hands of human beings but in the hands of the Lord and the Creator of human beings. No one has the right to end the life of another human being regardless of his status. 
  • Other legislation in some European countries and in America authorized the killing. 

Cases where euthanasia is applied!

  •  when the patient breathes artificial respiration for the presence of severe brain damage. 
  • Incurable diseases such as cancer if spread throughout the body. 
  • Chronic pneumonia, which prevents breathing only organs.

Methods of euthanasia

  •  the patient is given sometimes a dose of medicine that is fatal and may be required by the patient, but if he is unconscious, the doctor is the one who estimates the situation.
  •  Assist and incite the patient to commit suicide, whether by shooting at the head or in other ways. 
  • To give the patient pain medications, and these drugs have complications to weaken the heart muscle and frustration of breathing.

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