10 Ways to Beat Facebook Addiction

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Will you tell me the truth if I ask you how much time you spend on Facebook every day?
 there is no doubt today many people are addicted to Facebook. People keep checking their Facebook accounts all the time to check for updates to their favorite page or just to see posts that have been tagged by their friends.

Today's article will help you develop, educate and improve yourself as we say, to be the best version of yourself...

Your Facebook activities are beginning to interfere with your daily life and dominate your daily performance in your school, college or workplace may be having trouble. If you find that connecting, sharing and learning through Facebook has acquired all the means of communication, you are likely to suffer from Facebook addiction.

My article does not and will not prevent you from enjoying Facebook but helps you end your Facebook addiction and open it only when it is really important or you have time to kill it. There is also a life apart from social media that is just as important. If there is a problem, there is also a solution, with the right instructions and tips, you can overcome your addiction to Facebook in a smarter way. I'm going to share with you some ways to help you overcome your Facebook addiction, let's take a look

1- Admit that you have Facebook addiction

The first thing about finding a solution is to admit that you have some problems with Facebook. The more you run away from the situation, the more you will suffer. Once you understand the problem of Facebook addiction, you can get rid of it. There is no point in trying to overcome your Facebook addiction when you don't seriously think you are suffering from this addiction.

2- Explain the importance of Facebook in your life

This is one of the best ways to understand how Facebook is your life. Make two lists, first explain how Facebook raises the quality of your life, such as promoting your business, meeting new friends, staying in touch with colleagues, old friends ...

  The second list is how Facebook detracts from the quality of your life, such as wasting precious hours in scrolling through Facebook, excessive games, the use of useless applications, surveys losing focus on other important things in life and more.

  Facebook can be a great distraction all the time in your work or studies. In the end, make a wise decision that reveals how you want to use Facebook in your future.

 3- Decide what Facebook value is for you

For whatever reason you are connected to Facebook, defining your limits is the only way to help you get rid of Facebook addiction. Whether you use Facebook to keep in touch with your family, for personal or business reasons, ask yourself if you really enjoy using Facebook. Does this really enhance part of your personal and professional life?

4-Keep tracking the time you spend on Facebook

Type in a notebook and note how many times you log into Facebook, how long to stay connected, and what you do like playing games, using funny apps, liking, commenting, scrolling, etc. A day, how many times visit Facebook from your computer as well as from your smartphone. Add at the end of the day time and see how much you invested on Facebook.

 5. Select a time of day to visit Facebook

Spending time on Facebook is not bad if done to the right extent. If you're thinking about deleting the Facebook app from your smartphone or deleting a Facebook account, you're not right at all. This is the platform that connects you with the whole world and is undoubtedly a great source of entertainment and knowledge.

 Set a time of your day to visit Facebook like 20 minutes before or after your business hours, then don't sign in for the rest of the day. Or you can also use Facebook while traveling, such as traveling from the metro and bus.

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6. Turn off the email notification

The Facebook notification gives you a great way to see what's happening behind your back. But the e-mail notification is like the young demons who continue to advance and ask you to come back and visit Facebook when you indulge in some serious work. Sometimes it's really annoying until you turn off the email notification. You don't need to know if someone marked any picture or sent you a message every time.

 Turn off email reminders so you can focus on your work and show you're more productive.

7-Ask your friends about their impression about your Facebook activity

It can hurt you but don't worry, there's nothing bad to hear the honest answer. Ask your friends in comments like how they feel about spending time on Facebook. Do they think you're really addicted to Facebook and how much time do you spend on Facebook every day?

8 - Stay away from the computer

Do you really need to post a lot on Facebook to play games or use funny apps? Ask yourself. Instead of getting home and sitting in front of the computer to check out daily updates on Facebook, you can go for a walk, expand your culture, heat the gym, watch any movie, and spend time with your family, friends or relatives.

There are a lot of times you can do in real life instead of being part of the virtual world and waste your precious time doing nothing at all.

 9 - Mediate thinking once you use Facebook

One of the most powerful ways to get rid of Facebook addiction is to mediate thinking as soon as Facebook comes to your mind. Do not worry the world will not change events as long as you are absent from Facebook and Facebook will not be affected by your absence of course

10-Give yourself a free weekend

You have to understand that your life does not depend on Facebook. Give Facebook a free weekend, change your password to an unforgettable sequence of letters and numbers, write it down somewhere and leave it in a safe place you can't reach over the weekend.

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