" Happy 2020 Halloween ! "

Happy 2020 Halloween For All of You!


As you know: Today is the annual Halloween memory all over the world, which makes: a new amazing day to enjoy: with family, friends and little kids.


We take advantage of this joyful occasion to give you the best wishes and the best luck in your life, your professional career and your relationships.

We advise you as well to forget sometimes about numbers and profits, to enjoy the real happiness moments available with your love, family, traveling and simple life details! 

The appearance of Halloween in its modern form

It began in the United States in the nineteenth century, especially with the immigration of the Irish to it. 

They were accompanied by their stories and myths as their customs and traditions.
 Among them is the story of an Irish man named Jack O Lantern who dared defy the devil and died on October 31.

 Jack was walking at night drunk with his hand turnip and put inside a candle so as not to extinguish the wind.

 He ruled his soul Baltih carrying a candle. Thus this holiday spread in the new world of immigrants. Tradition has become the distribution of sweets and pumpkin became part of it.

That was a short story about the origin of this day to learn something by reading this felicitation message, wish you benefit!

In this day Go do some cosplays, make people’s days, give free candy to kids and share happiness by simple valuable thing.

Because the best way to be happy is to make others happy!

Thanks for stopping by! We hope your day will be amazing.

Comment below your opinions or remark or wishes with your country name.

Ready, set, Halloween party!

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