What is Web hosting? Why do I need web hosting?

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This is an excellent explanation as it contains detailed useful information especially for novice people who do not know the concept of web hosting and how to create it.

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In this article, we will talk about what web hosting is?

For anyone who wants to build their website, it must be one of the first words they heard (of course, domains) when they start researching how to create their website.

The word hosting comes from the meaning of the word hosting in our lives: you are hosting a person or a guest in your home, that is, you actually hosted it for you, and you hosted him.

Similarly, web hosting or websites mean that a company will host your site on its servers and computers, but HEY!

What does hosting mean? 

What will this company host on its servers?

Any website in the world, whether the site you read from or a site like YouTube, is made up of software files built to show the site in this way, these files must be placed in a certain place, so that visitors to our site to view them anytime, from anywhere. This place must be served by a fast Internet all the time, and operating systems and databases updated and fast to be compatible with the software of our site, and must be protected from cyber-attacks.

This place is what hosting companies offer you, which is web hosting! This is where you place your files so that visitors can browse them.

How site files are transmitted on hosting?

Why do we want to make a website? 

Can I host the site on my own device?

Technically we can, but let's talk in some detail here:

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Your site is not empty but contains text, images and different types of files. These files naturally have a size measured in bytes as if you wrote a page on the Word software and you save the page will, of course, have the size and the greater the number of words and sentences or to transfer the files the size occupied by them on your computer, your computer can not afford to handle a high amount of data, and will not It can work 365 days a year without interruption, and will not guarantee the stability of the Internet access to it without interruption throughout the year, and if the net is not interrupted, you will need high-speed Internet to serve a large number of visitors, so, it is not easy to raise your site on your own device, and this is the service that offers For you hosting companies, your site will occupy a volume of server spaces T for hosting companies, which will all, in exchange for symbolic amounts not exceeding  $ 5 a month often.

That is, you rent a space from the computers of hosting companies to host your site, but who puts the features, characteristics, and amounts of that space? Whoever does this is the hosting company, and the company offers you different types of hosting depending on your needs, whether shared hosting, or a virtual private server VPS, or a server dedicated to you, everything at a price of course.

What is web hosting prices?

The shared hosting price ranges from $ 1 per month to more than $ 5 per month but the price is commensurate with the potential of the rented space. In virtual servers, it starts from $ 15 for hosting that contains cPanel, for example, up to several hundred dollars a month, and the total server can cost you several thousand per month according to your needs.

I think you now understand the full meaning of Web Hosting, The next thing you have to do is to see the best hosting companies for a comprehensive comparison then to start your blog |website|own project.

In case of having questions, feel free to drop a comment below, or tell us about your experience on our website! Thanks for your visit :)

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