How to Build Your Strong Personality?

people around us judge us through our apparent behavior. They treat us after they translate our movements and the gaze of our eyes and even the way we speak. All our behavior is either with us or against us!

People appreciate you for how confident you are...  In fact, success in building a strong personality comes only with continued effort and perseverance, so you must first feel that you are a valuable person so that others feel important.

Therefore, we say that the value of this is not confirmed first by others but from you first, you are a capable person and successful and confident if you act are as well. 


 There are many ways to build personality, including proper and improper conditions that make your personality strong or weak or shaky, the character is acquired according to deal and have factors to build and develop.

Personality is a set of mental, physical, emotional, and social qualities that distinguish a person from others.

 It is a visible imprint that we see with the naked eye. It does not resemble all people in that group. It contributes to differentiating people from each other from the way they think and print.

Types of characters

In terms of strength, types of characters are divided into:

πŸ™‹‍♂️  Strong personality:

It is the dream of every person to have, which is beneficial to the owner of its qualities that help him in decision-making and taking things seriously and puts its holder in a prominent position as people fear him and appreciate and respect him, for example, the owners of very sensitive places and leaders, politiciansπŸ‘¨‍πŸŽ“, kings πŸ‘‘, and all presidentsπŸ‘¨‍⚖️.

 A strong personality was the key factor in raising them to their positions so that they are ready to give the right opinion and take action well and frank without tending to any other touches or feeling confused.

πŸ™‍♂️  Medium Profile

They are often owned by very social people. They like to consult and take opinions, and they are very smart and intelligent, They collect all the gossip and choose and select the best and an example is responsible managers and private and public

🀷‍♂️  Shaky Personality:

The owner of that character is often in a constant feeling of confusion, and feel instability and often feel suspicious of anything and never prove an opinion at all, and change it in short varying times and produce that character at a young age as the owner can not take responsibility and always consult others It does not benefit from any of these consultations and often makes others decide about it.

🀦‍♂️ Weak personality

It is the worst types of personalities because they are largely non-existent and do not distinguish the human thing, he is never able to express an opinion or object even, and does not like the owner to participate with others, and result from autism and antisocial and take a certain method and a certain way to prove his skills, but all the ways Lost in vain, the reason for the production or acquisition of that character autism and lack of talking with others and social situation is not interactive and fear of the future and constant tension interference of others such as friends and family and not to change the reality or production or even try and often the owners of that character who do not rule On anything. 

   Personality Building is constructed by several factors, including expressing an opinion and not being afraid.

  •  Stay away from people who may harm your personality and put bad fingerprints on it. 

  • Link to a specific goal. 

  • Take responsibility for yourself. 

  • Strengthening your will and determination with nothing to defeat you and frustrate you.

  •  Determination. 

  • Endurance under any circumstances. 

When you integrate those elements you will build a very good personality.

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