What Really Makes Someone A good Public-Speaker ?

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Public speaking

 or speech art is the ability to talk, take a speech in front of a group of persons that you don't obligatory know while respecting many bases such as eye contact, body language, gestures, voice intonation, personal appearance ...

It is an important skill that everybody should acquire to achieve success in both his professional career and personal life, due to delivering the idea you want to send perfectly, without a misunderstanding or a lack of suitable words...


 many people nowadays find several problems to earn this golden skill and adapt it to their personalities,


If you are one of them, don't worry, you are in the right place!
Because today, we will discover together why most people are afraid of public speaking, what can thoughts change your performance and what is the key to master public speaking?

1-Why are we scared of P.S?

many people don't know that the number one fear of humanity is ... Public speaking, yes, it is not death, not future not pain,, it is this mentioned skill, despite the fact that is is not dangerous, not harmful and we can avoid it.

The reasons why exactly this fear is several.

 First, because it is based on the fear of being abandoned, out of the group, we are afraid of getting fired from our community, our society where we belong.

 we unconsciously can't imagine living alone, with a bad image in the eye of others, that's why while speaking we ask ourselves questions such as: what if I didn't impress them ?? what if they threw things on me ?? what if I looked sucks to them? 

But these questions, in fact, are overestimated and are only illusions fro our mind, because he is experiencing something new for the very first time.

Second, while talking to the public, we find ourselves confused, which personality should we show to them, which is the perfect one we can get all their impressions with? -which is something impossible in fact! - , or which language or cultural level should we use in our speech, to be on their level, -which is an impossible question as well -

The moral I want you to take fro this fear is to consider this feeling of fear, being shaky, faible , nervous ... as a normal feeling, every human can have, and try to adapt yourself with it. 

That's the first thing!

2-dealing with your beliefs can change immediately your performance!

If you have a presentation, a show, or something to say in front of many people, you know this feeling of losing your voice, having blur in your mind, time is very fast and your body is out of control...

Just calm down, take a minute, breath slowly and focus one only one idea which motivates you the most, or use a method called anchor thoughts, to help you get in control back, it is actually very useful and magically effective.

 for example, choose someone you know from the audience and each time you see him remember to focus, calm down, and remember the motivational idea you've chosen.

You can simply as a second method re-evaluate the situation wisely, by asking yourself, what will you lose actually; NOTHING, or what if you didn't impress them , nothing new, you will nor feel pain or lose your money!

So just focus on one idea which deserves and do your work  

3- the key to master public speaking

If I have a chance to answer this question only with one word I'll choose: Practice, it is effectively the secret, the key and the solution to be an excellent speaker, the answer is practice and re-practic continuously,

 because as I have mentioned before it is a natural response from our body and our brains to shake and don't know how to behave in front of a new situation, that you have never trained before.

But if you train yourself every day, every week on a 5-15 speech, you will master the game without any doubt for sure, even with only yourself , just talk  , just pretend being in front of a public , or you can use a camera to record yourself and see your video to auto-evaluate yourself and detect your weaknesses and try work on them later !

4-work on basics and details  

Of course, here we insist on working on the details such as the skill I have mentioned before: eye-contact, gestures, voice control..

We advise you to see videos to learn about them and practice because both your thoughts and these skills with practice can lead you to success in any subject.

So that's it for today thank you for being here, share with us your thoughts, your experience your, opinions, and we wish you all the luck!

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