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Today in the section we will offer you a very wonderful way of detecting the measurement of the speed of your website or your blog on computers and smartphones.

 we will also provide you this service free of charge and also without the use of a program or an application.

 and leave you to learn about this site which will offer you many advantages.

This video explains very well how to use the website!

First, There is no doubt that bloggers or visitors know that if the site is quick to answer and open pages, the visitor will be happy, but if it is very dismissive, this is why visitors do not enter and this is well understood by the blogger.

 so every blogger must work on his website speed before working on his site or blog, must-watch The speed of his site because it is the establishment of the site only for the visitor.

 The blog or the site is similar to a new store or cafe and whenever they provide customers requested in a quick manner and the quality required will return every day.

fibre optique internet speed

The site that we will explain how to check the speed of the site or blog has another advantage perhaps if you are a professional you will like, which is the percentage of archiving or so-called SEO for your site or your blog, and in fact, the speed of the site helps in archiving very much, archiving is the most important thing for the blog To bring visitors to earn money if you are an advertising user, and all this only when you monitor your site in the website Grader, which runs on all browsers.

WebsiteGrader information :

This site is designed for one purpose and is to monitor the speed of the site or blog with giving a report archiving, it also offers you the form of the site on the computer and its response to smartphones in a professional manner without putting any error, as it has much other information you can identify Enter the site.

After entering the site you only need to install the link to your site and email and will provide details as in the picture.

Login WebsiteGrader.

So, guys, that was our brief article for today, we wish you like it, and it is actually our first article related to blogging and building your website, if you hope to see more beneficial articles related to this type, just leave a comment below telling us about your opinions, impression, remarques or anything just feel free friend.

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