Importance Of Women's Freedom !

The concept of freedom

The concept of freedom is a relative concept; its definition and understanding varies according to time and place.

Therefore, many definitions have been made to describe it. The most famous one is the definition of the Declaration of Human Rights issued during the French Revolution in 1789, where he described freedom as: (the right of the individual to do everything that does not harm).

 And that the concept of freedom as a word: is to be able to make the decision that suits him without his will without coercion or influence from an outside party - whether the decision material or moral - and not to lead to any individual without consciousness and thinking.

Freedom, as a concept, is defined by the existence of a comprehensive and general framework that does not restrict or control human personal liberty; it regulates it to preserve the freedoms of other individuals.

 Everyone has his freedom in the sphere where freedom does not infringe on the freedom of others; Egyptian thinker Ahmed Lutfi al-Sayyid said of freedom: (Our freedom is ours, our self and the self-righteous, is the meaning that man is human, our freedom is only our existence, and our existence is only freedom).

 He adds: (Freedom is the purpose of man in life, was and still is his passion Which has long presented his offerings, and spent in the process of the dearest thing on it, and while we describe what we describe the human longing for freedom, do not inform of proving what language sensory incidents that occur from individuals and nations, a function that freedom is life, but the dearest of life)

women freedom

The concept of women's freedom is defined by the fact that women have absolute moral and human choices. Freedom is the basis of being human and there is no difference between men and women. Freedom is undoubtedly one of the rights of women, which must be fully and indivisible. Anyone who looks at the history of the concept of freedom and how it relates to women's lives will find many unfortunate facts. Women have been subjected to great injustice in many civilizations, including: , And sold as an ongoing. In the European Renaissance, it was thought that a woman's place was home, and that her job was to take care of her children and raise them without getting the chance of free education associated with public life.

The concept of women's freedom internationally

The concept of women's freedom means that women have everything associated with their body, soul and all their choices, such as choosing the right decisions, the way of life they want, defining their goal and ambition in this world, and being responsible for themselves without any guardianship; And human values.

Consequences of the suppression of freedom

The deprivation of women's freedom is unacceptable, as it is her instinct, and it is a great value granted by the Creator, and if it is taken away from her, she will yearn for her and endeavor to achieve her full potential.

Why talk about women's freedom?

nowadays, we discuss this topic very frequently and give it a huge amount of interest, because we know the importance of women in our society and their effective contribution to economy, culture, technology and many other fields who are able to improve our development and social level!

besides, a woman can be effective in her family, with her husband and children, we know simply how mothers sacrify for us and give us all that we need without complaining.

That's, why they deserve their complete freedom , to fell free all time and results of course, will be much better !

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