Learn To Build Your Own Intellectual Personality !

Everybody in the world who wants to be creative, successful and effective in society doesn't want to be like the others, yes... he refuses to resemble anybody, and he wants to be unique! 

that's why the first step to achieve this is making or building your own personality, which you will face others and challenge them with.

We are here today to help you out build  your own one if you have the same goal :

read carefully! 

Intellectual construction 

Intellectual construction is divided into two parts: building and thought; construction is the formation, creation, and innovation; thought is the result of human interaction with the outside world and the conclusion of previous special conclusions and experiences. In memory and its application to some of the situations that people face in their daily lives

There is no doubt that a man at a certain age must be independent with a certain conscious and constructive thought, specifying his attitudes and goals. 

Some of the Arab and Western thinkers who came up with a certain thought and sought to spread their ideas: Paulo Coelho, Ibrahim al-Faqih, Ahmad al-Shuqairi, Friedrich Nietzsche, René Descartes, and Jean-Jacques Rousseau.

they all encourage every individual to build his own personality, with its unique culture and thoughts.

Intellectual personality

It is the personality centered on a certain type of ideas and attitudes resulting from the wishes of the owner of that character, and then his own life experiences in those ideas and trends.

 His personality may be distinctive; he has a high level of positive thoughts and sensible opinions; these things support him as a person or as an individual in society, and increase his interest and attractiveness.

Building the intellectual personality

You must believe in your self-confidence and that you can change your own intellectual trajectories that you grew up on. Often they are negative, these steps will help yourself to reach your independent intellectual personality.

  • Determine your direction, whether Islamic, philosophical or psychological, and read a thorough reading about it, and deal with it so that you can believe in it and its results.

  • Expand your social relationships so that you can apply your direction and thought and reveal their impact and results on the samples to which this thought will be applied.

  •  Accept all criticism and amendment; not everything you read is true, not wrong, but time conditions vary and societies differ.

  •  Seek to influence and reform this thought, not frustrate other ideas. Add your own and your friends' experiences to any thought you adopt. It's always about positivity. Beware of extremes of your own thought and deviation to the path of its ends vague or atheistic. 

  • You must become familiar with the inputs and outputs gained from the prevailing intellectual concepts between self and self, or between self and counterparties.

  •  Be a balanced decision-maker whether individually or collectively. 

  • Always strive for cognitive production. It should be noted that it is imperative to diagnose the prevailing impotence in the surrounding society.

  • There is nothing wrong with studying a simplified (psychological) society, and developing your abilities in spreading awareness, and not spreading your own thought to a whole society.

  • Be you and you do not assume the personality of others, no matter how much thought and success...

So, guys, these are all some tips that you can practice in your family, workshops, friends...

but, remember always the most important thing: do not try to imitate anybody: any celebrity, famous person, actor, singer or whatever.

Just try to be yourself, and to make decisions, which make you comfortable and who will not affect you physically or morally.

and that it, bu practicing and making your own positions, your goal will be achieved, just be patient, brave and courageous, and we wish all the luck for you.

Thanks for visiting us today, drop a comment below telling us your opinions and questions. 

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