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 One of the main characters in the Russian symbolism. Her 52-year marriage to Dmitry Mergkovsky is described in her unfinished book Dmitry Mergkovsky (Paris, 1951; Moscow, 1991).
She began writing at an early age, and when she met Dmitry Mergkowski in 1888, she was already a published poet. 

The two married in 1889. Gippius published her first book of poetry, a collection of poems. 1889-1903, in 1903, and its second collection, Poems Collection. Book 2. 1903-1909, in 1910. After the revolution of 1905, Merezhkovskys became a critic of the tsarist. They spent several years abroad during this time, including trips to treat health issues. They denounced the October 1917 Revolution, saw it as a cultural disaster, and in 1919 emigrated to Poland.

After living in Poland, they moved to France, then to Italy, continuing to publish and participate in the circles of Russian immigrants, although the harsh literary criticism of Gippius made enemies. The tragedy of the exiled Russian writer was a major theme of  GIPPIUS in immigration, but she also continued to explore mysterious and secret sexual themes, publishing short stories, plays, novels, poetry, and memos. The death of Miregkovsky in 1941 was a major blow to  GIPPIUS who died a few years later in 1945.

Publications and essay writing

zinaida gippius Publications and essay writing

Zinaida Nikolaevna Gippius is a famous Russian poet, writer, and literary critic. After reading this article, You will learn about her life, as well as the creative heritage that Zenaida Gippius left for grandchildren.

Date of birth of the poet - November 8, 1869. Born in Bellevue, Tula Province. Her father - a noble, who was alerted by the Germans, was once a famous lawyer. According to her mother, a Russian poet, and writer.

Zenaida Gippius is the granddaughter of the chief of police from Yekaterinburg. Education Gippius was not systematic, although at an early age she read a lot!

In 1889, Zinaida married Nikolaevna, the famous poet d. Merezhkovsky. Tiflis left with whom he moved to St. Petersburg. It was in this city that her first appearance as a poet was held a year ago. For 52 years she lived with her husband Zenaida GIPPIUS. An interesting biography of this woman attracts experts not only of her creativity but also of her husband's creativity. No wonder, after all, Zinaida Gippius lived with him for a long time, and she said, "Do not differentiate ... not for a day."

Literary critic

Zinaida Gippius is a well-known critic, alias Anton Crini. In the early 20th century, she was an advocate of the symbolism program, in addition to the philosophical ideas on which this program was built. 

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As a literary critic, Gibus has often published in the magazines "Russian Wealth" and "The Balance". The best essays were chosen by the writer in the book "Literary Diary", created in 1908. It should be said that Zenaida GIPPIUS (biography and creativity confirming this) negatively assessed the state of the culture of contemporary local art as a whole. In her view, this situation is linked to the collapse of social ideals and the crisis of religious institutions in the nineteenth century.

 Ghebos believes that the call of the artist, which modern literature cannot understand, is a direct and active influence on life, which must be "ohristianitsya", because there is no other way out of the spiritual and ideological predicament. These concepts of the poet are directed against writers who joined the publishing house Znanie, directed by M. Gorky, and against literature based on the traditions of classical realism.

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