Are You Afraid To Drive Cars ? Here is the cause and how to solve it !

Some people experience fear of driving or so-called Car phobia or vehophobia. In this case, they cannot sit behind the wheel and take any step to drive. 

So, What are the reasons? 

And What are the solutions?

Some psychologists consider this to be linked to genetic causes. Others also indicate that fear of driving appears to some people after a traffic accident. It can also suffer from people who are characterized by pessimism and poor self-confidence.

Fear is normal

The traffic management guidelines stated that the fear of driving a car is inherent in us in our daily life if we take into account the huge number of new cars that go to the streets, and from the advice: Avoid walking in the crowded streets of cars during the days of the week, and try to drive the car as long as possible during the weekend, when traffic is light


When someone suffers from car phobia or the fear of driving, he or she feels terrified as he sits behind the wheel. This is associated with an increased number of heartbeats, feeling dizzy and suffocating, as well as tinnitus and blurred eyes.

And he does not stop visualizing fatal accidents. It also sweats a lot and trembles whenever he encounters a barrier or posture while driving. This fear can hinder many daily life matters, such as going shopping and going out with the kids ...

Is it possible to overcome this fear?

The answer, as reported by the Traffic Department, is yes, You can control your fear of driving. Each human has a different way from the other in dealing with the fear of driving a car, and the best solution is to train for long hours to drive, under the supervision of a specialized trainer before applying for a market license.

if the person finds himself unable to control the driver of the car, actually there is no need to visit a psychiatrist in order to Help you overcome the knot of fear of driving.

The instructions called on husbands to encourage their wives to drive a car, and not to criticize or underestimate them in this field. Women who receive encouragement from men feel double confidence to prove themselves.

The solution

If you notice that the above symptoms apply to you, it is imperative that you seek the help of experts in order to get rid of driving phobia. In this case, you will undergo cognitive behavioral therapy in 3 stages.

First stage: you will be provided with useful information about the types of phobias. You and your psychologist also agree on the goals that you will work to achieve together.

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Stage Two: The psychologist helps you get rid of thoughts that hinder your progress and think positively.

The third stage: makes you face the reason for your fear. In this case, the practical stage begins. It is possible to sit next to you while driving the car. And why not, he might see that you need to take some adjuvant medicine.

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