What is The Best day of The Week ?

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The best day of the week, Huh? πŸ€”

What a joke  πŸƒπŸƒ  we hear every day, some of us prefer Sunday, Wednesday and others hate Monday, Tuesday ...

That's totally false and wrong to think about because when you think that way, you set and program your mind automatically to behave badly and with negativity toward every event the next day which is Monday for example.

You prepare yourself to be less motivated, lazy and having a lack of energy ⚡⚡!

In other words in you do so, such a decision, you modify your attitude unconsciously, which confirms in your mind that really, Monday is the worst.

But, believe me, the succession of days is not a circle as you think, which means Monday is repeated every 7 days, no 1 the succession of days is like an arrow going on through time, and why don't we remember that these Monday, Tuesday, Friday, are just nouns made by convention for these new fresh days.

A simple name can not determine how cool  πŸ†’ the next day will be!

Try to decide that every day is awesome, don't care about school, work, tasks, holidays ... try to not create your own happiness, but generate it (continuously).

This thing is true in years as well, a lot of people say  ''new year new me'' as an example these days, where 2020 is on the way. but, does it make actually any sense, I think no ! just take your time and think about it!

πŸŽ€πŸ”₯ By the way: happy new year 2020 friends!😍πŸ₯°πŸ’›πŸ’™

The lesson you must learn!

If you have to take one thing only from being here today, remember that nouns of things don't matter as these things matter. Before judging something remember it's real value instead of its name.

And this golden lesson can be used on our friendships as well, did you see that.

Well, if We want to make the image clear for you, we will give you that situation we all live when we meet someone for the first time and we don't feel comfortable with him only due to his name, his appearance or his face.

Which is something completely wrong, because we didn't see his value at all, he could be beneficial for us, or he could become a dear friend to us, maybe He is better than everyone else you have met in your life, who knows, 

Names are names

However we were speaking about days and your attitude, did you see how it is related to your life!

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