How I Learned Many Languages At The Same Time ! ?

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Hi, everyone!  😊πŸ”₯

As you know: learning a new language is fun and interesting. Because languages can open new opportunities to you, it may make you more cultivated and help you to communicate and make friendships with foreign people.

 many of us want to speak Japanese , Arabic or SpanishπŸ’Ά. However, Few really do, But why? is it that difficult to learn such a new thing, well this is what we will talk about in this article in order to help you learn your next new language, based on my own experience, so,, enjoy!


The benefits of learning foreign languages ​​

to learn foreign languages ​​have several benefits, which qualify a person to enjoy the social and economic benefits, as well as the mental benefits of learning a foreign language, the following is a group of them: 

  •  Enhances the strength of the brain: Learning a foreign language is a whole new system with distinct rules and words And new structures, and just a few of the complexities of the language. Learning a new language places the brain with the task of recognizing this new structure of language, just as the brain works with it and makes the ability to express ideas better as it sharpens reading, negotiation, and problem-solving skills.

  • Evolution of a person's ability to deal with multiple tasks: Multiple tasks are stressful and arduous for non-multilingual.As for multilingual people, they are able to slip their tongue and ideas one by one and have high efficiency in dealing with problems, and thus the mistake is made very small when carrying out various activities. 

  • They develop dementia or Alzheimer's at a later age: Several types of research have shown that elderly multilingual people had an onset of Alzheimer's disease at a later age of 75πŸ‘΅, compared to adult monolinguals who were the first signs at the age of 71πŸ‘΄.

  •  Memory improvement: the more the brain is used, Whenever its functions work better, and learning a new language requires you to learn new vocabulary, vehicles and a lot of information, and this strengthens memory because the brain has built its ability to link information with short symbolic instructions and maintains information better.

  •  It makes a person more flexible and open to other cultures: as a language is a gateway to a specific culture, learning a new language enables anyone to gain a broader understanding of this race or culture. Opening up to cultures allows you to be more flexible and appreciated than other ways of doing things and looking at things. As a result, if you are multilingual, you should benefit from seeing the world from different perspectives.

5 advice to learn a new language

First: change your vision about learning a new language!

 You must know and program your mind that learning a new language is not only a simple process of learning, or an ordinary school subject you will study! No, it is not actually.

Learning a new language is a dream, a goal to achieve, a passion that you must enjoy while doing it, because if you didn't like what you do you will simply give up, as the majority of people do, and that's why only less than 10 percent of people get success in life, so to sum up your attitude, the way you see your decision defines how ready are you to achieve your decisions.

Second: You must have a passion for it

Yes, I mean here if you don't have the fire-desire to learn Japanese, just don't try, otherwise, you will give up. Here we don't want to demotivate you, but this is the truth that most experienced people don't tell you.

Talking about myself or about the general fact, the grammar, vocabulary or communication lessons in a language don't really matter as your passion matters, so take dialogue with ourselves and ask if you really want to learn it, do you feel love toward this language? then you must do your efforts, all the rest of the work depends then on your efforts, your determination and your time!'

Third: Find your teacher. 

I don't mean here a classic teacher who will work with you at home and assist you every day, no!

Remember we are in the 21 st century, the age of learning, technology, and science, so go the social media networks full of lessons and teachers, and find the one you feel that you enjoy while learning at the same time, and focus only on him. To avoid the feeling of being lost in the big amount of lessons and different learning methods.

The real benefit of taking a unique teacher is to see him as an example in your dream, try to get motivated by him, try to speak like him, to achieve this goal like he did, because if you take someone having already achieved what you want will shorten your path to achieve the same dream, and you will avoid the mistake he did as well.

Personally, when it was learning Japanese, my example was Risa-san for Japanese pod101, I liked her way of explanation, her speaking style... additionally she was cute and funny!

Fourth: manage your time ⏳

Of course, you must make your actions proportional with your thoughts and your goals, that's why you should schedule your time and adapt it to the new learning process you will have, for example, 30 minutes or 20 will be enough to learn a new language, another advice appears here, focus on consistency ⌚ not intensity as Simon Sinek always says, 20 minutes every day for a week is better than 2 hours for only two days, trust me!

The reason why is quite simple: what comes fast, Disappears fast. 

Fifth: find the learning method that you feel comfortable 

Remember that knowledge is not acquited only by one or two methods, they are unlimited, and the key here is to choose the most suitable one for you, to achieve this you must know your personality type, do you depend on vison, on voice, on actions... 

For example, don't start with learning alphabets only because your friend has started by alphabets πŸ”‘ and learned this language, he has simply found his adequate learning method, you must know yours.

Ask your self how you remember and keep new words in your mind easily, is it by writing them✍, repeating them orally, watching them πŸ“Ί... 

Well, that was our article for today, I hope you like it tell us your next language that you wish to learn, share with us your experience and tell us your thoughts!

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