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Hello all guys, 

Welcome in today's new article, where we will share with you the most famous | used questions in job interviews.

In order to prepare yourself and be confident during the interview.

So are you ready ??

         If the company, after receiving our curriculum vitae (CV), and professional letter, is interested in giving you the job and hire you, of course, you will be invited for an interview, which means you must prepare yourself mentally and physically for a face to face interview (individual one ), or group interview, panel interview or video interview!

Here are some questions who are suitable for all the interview types, that you might be asked during the job-interview :

Questions about your education and experience 

  • ''What is your favorite school subject at your elementary or high school, and why ?"

  • ''Did you participate in extracurricular projects at school? "

Questions about your professional experience 

  • ''What is the latest job you had? "

  • " Why did you leave it, and why do you join us? "

  • "Could you tell us a story of a typical day at your previous company ?"

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Questions about your professional ambitions

  • "Tell us about your planning-goals for the next 5 \ 3 \ 2 years! "

  • "What's your dream activity, that you prefer to practice in the future? "

Questions about your Motivation 

This is actually the most important part of these questions and of the job-interview in general because your recruiter doesn't think at all at your past, your experience or anything!

 He only cares about how ready are you to practice this job, how much are you motivated to do effectively the tasks given to you, and how much you will give to the company to make it better through your efforts and if course your motivation!

  • "What really makes you choose this job especially ?"

  • "Why exactly this company..? " 

  • What did you expect to get from this interview? "

  • "Why are you here today ?" 

  • " How much can these company members count on you? " 

Questions about your personality type : 

Here they might ask you some psychological questions to get a better  vision of your personality, you can search for more psycho tests on the net, but the best advice we can give you here is, to be honest, it is a psycho or another question just, say: " I don't know ", don't try to make your own answers, just be natural and know that this is actually a good answer the can hear better than lies and empty words, anyway try to answer these questions :

  • "Something you did in your life and you regret so much? "

  • " How can you impose your personality in front of a group of co-workers of more than 11 employees and earn their respect ?"

  • "What are your weaknesses?" 

  • "what are your biggest faults ?"

to answer this one you must be very careful because one simple mistake can give them a bad impression about yourself, by the way, check our previous article from here to learn how to answer this type of question!

Questions about self-CONTROL: 

  • "How do you take criticism and advice?"

  • "Your relationship with stress?"

  • "Describe to us your attitude toward  situations  under deadline pressure" 

  • "What do you like the most: Working in a quiet place or a dynamic one?"

So guys, hope you enjoyed these selected questions, if you want to see the second part of this type of articles, comment below and tell us what do you think, thank's for being here today!

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