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Hello beautiful readers, we hope  you are all doing extremely great 😎,

Today's article will be a little bit different as you know, it is somehow out of our purpose and our topics in general, but it will be interesting for otakus, manga readers and anime watchers.

We hope you enjoy it ðŸ˜Š

But first, let us remind you that it is all about a point of view only, not a general fact, or an absolute truth!

Well let's start :

Tokyo Ghoul: an amazing anime that we all loved, and every anime watcher should've watched it has 4 seasons, and each has 12 amazing episodes, especially the first and the second one. In addition, the unravel song is lovely and heart touching!

The main spotlighted character in this anime is called Kaneki, who has attracted me personally and I liked a lot his personality transformations, hairstyles, psychological state, power, emotions ... all in brief.

But, there are as well many things I didn't like about this anime, this personality, the events...

To start I want to express my disappointment about the third and the fourth seasons, I've expected something related to drawing better, kaneki's drawing was worse and his appearance, face, and moves changed a lot! but I liked the withe and black hairstyles at the same time, as I liked the black reaper Personality and his problem with recovering his memories!

I didn't like also the scene were he sleep with Touka chan, they looked naked, and showing bad scenes, I didn't expect to see something like this in a similar anime, But anyway it was lovely and heart touching episode, full of love, romance, and friendship!

kaneki black repaer quote motivation

I liked the wedding episode when they were attacked by the CCG, we are sorry if we spoil something for you, but try to save this article and read it later in case of not watching the full anime!

The ' Kaneki ' profile interested me a lot because of showing a suffering of a weak kid, or a lost adolescent in a stong, fast-changing world: he has grown up without his father, his mother was all the time absent, because of working a lot, then she died, and he has only a few friends if we didn't say only one, who is '' Hide Kun ''.

But all these miserable events has changed when kaneki has decided to become strong and to face his fears when he became a half-ghoul and has joined Aogiri organization.

I like this, me either I want to become stronger, of course physically and mentally, because there is one famous sentence said by him '' all the suffering in the world is due to your weaknesses ", so don't blame anyone else or anything beyond your power to explain a failure that you had, always blame yourself for any problem you have faced.

kaneki kun and touka chan super form

I was really impressed by his aim to protect his dears, friends and Antiq workers, it was his motivation to fight more and becoming stronger! It is the same as for a father, a mother or someone who have the responsibility to protect others

Kaneki's first date 🎀 was really sad for me, and I have petitioned for him each time I see his sad face because all he wanted is to have a lovely, simple date with a beautiful girl!

Well, that's all friends about this personality, I hope you liked this type of articles if you want more articles related to anime and stuff just comment below and tell us what do you think!

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