Why Social Media Sucks Our lives On the Daily !?

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Have you ever felt that current social-media websites are absorbing your life every day !?

Yes, they are absorbing and taking away all your daily energy, motivation ⚡ , determination and self-confidence; Most people actually don't realize it, while few others do.

But if you don't think so, Trust me, in your unconsciousness, you are getting disappointed, demotivated 😔 and losing your energy due to social media high usage.

This idea might look weird or strange for you if you've heard it for the first time because we talk always only about the internet benefits and how did the modern technology improve our lives, while we neglect the dangerous 💀 impact caused by this new invention on our health, education, relationships and especially about our psychological state ❗

That's why in today's article we will show you how this self-destruction is caused by social media,, 

Stay with us!

First of all, without talking about how much time we spend browsing the social media news, scrolling down the facebook\ Instagram explore page or checking for new messages! (which is probably between 2 and 3 hours every day according to a western study ) !

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Let's ignore this side and talk about the type of content you see : 

  • 1-memes, trolls, funny videos, fail, laugh challenges... 

these all are useless content available everywhere, teaching you how to be an idiot, silly, introvert and awkward. 

Remember always that it is easy to be lazy, funny or the clown person, but it is extremely hard to be wise, educated, hard-working and serious! 

So the next time you hear someone saying that it is a choice to be humourist, don't believe him, he only finds it easy and wants to make fewer efforts!

In brief, this type of content makes you feel relaxed, entertained and kills the amount of motivation you had before using your phone \ laptop.  

  • 2-Celebrity's life, rich people vlogs,  models experience or actors ... living their amazing life 

These people are usually successful, but many people ignore this fact and try to compare their own achievements to these people's achievements, and as a result, they get easily depressed and demotivated.

While others, don't estimate the sacrifice and amount of time, money and determination gave to be that way, and 

One of the most famous Dj's in America: " Steve Aoki " gave golden advice for these people saying that there is no" A" to "Z" direct path, you must go first to" B ", then to "C", during this first show, he was playing for 4 people and he didn't get disappointed or give up, but people these days when they see his current big shows, unfortunately, they don't see his beginning or his efforts. People now a day are not patient about success, they be like I want the results, right now, I want to be there tomorrow ..."

  • 3-trending \ news \ what is going on ..

It is absolutely good to know what's going on in the world and other countries especially about economy, culture or politics. However, social-media posts focus only about bad negative news of celebrities, actors, Oscars .. or fake rumors about everything, the reason behind this is obvious: 💲💲 Money 💲💲.

Most only look for a high amount of views, likes, and shares to get trendy, or to get money.
Which means they don't care about credibility or your good, trust me!

Try to read our previous article about Facebook addiction from here, it is very useful!

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To sum up, we don't have any personal issues with any type of social media website, and we don't say that social media is bad so you must not use or something...!

We only want to give you a small reminder, a caution card or an alarm (call it whatever you want..) to revise your social media usage, to think another time about your life, health, and psychological state, because these are all your capital, a thing that you should develop and improve not to destroy.

Take your time to see what did you really learn \ take \ develop through all these years of social media usage,

Think about another useful website that you should visit daily instead of social media (such as Pinterest, quora, this website -why not 😅😂 - or others..).

Try to control the time when you use it and the duration of how much! because overusing everything is going to be bad, no matter how the thing is important, food, for example, sleeping, studying ...

And we only have to wish you the best luck to achieve your dreams and live the life you deserve.

This article should be beneficial for you if you read it before 2020, to start a new fresh year, full of self-discipline, confidence, control, and success! If not there is always hope for change, because of " 2020 " still a number!

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