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In today's article, we will share with you our way \ our method how did we unlock our website URL from facebook., before we couldn't share it, but now: it works perfectly!

If you have the same issue, don't worry ! it is a normal thing which happens to some people and it can be solved within less than two or one months, so keep reading, you are in the right place!

To know if really Facebook is blocking your website, they prevent you from sending your direct link URL in private messages, or dropping your website link in comments, or directly posting it in a single post! πŸ˜₯

They say you didn't respect their privacy policies or your content doesn't respect the conditions...

But actually, I know you already do respect the conditions, because of course no one will make bad content of drugs or sexual harassment or something related to kids violence or criminality and try to share his link to grow his page,

Don't worry,😊 it is normal and happens to many people. 

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But before asking facebook to unblock your website URL, you must add the best meta-tags codes for your website in the blogger or the WordPress platform, and add also the social media meta-tags to your website, especially the Facebook metatags, then try these solutions.

Solutions πŸ˜‡

There are actually two simple solutions for these issues, the first one is immediate that I have discovered by myself, and the second one is famous, most people use and it is better 

  • The First solution 

The first solution we offer you is keeping your URL blocked and try to share an indirect link referring to your website, for example, we see every day on the net some short link tools such as or or the famous google URL shortener tool ,

But, unfortunately, the facebook service blocks also the short link which refers to your blocked URL.

So what's to do?

Here is a good thing you need, where you will hit 2 birds with the same stone!

pinterest png logo hd

You will create a Pinterest account, (one of the best social media platforms, to get high free traffic ), then when you publish an article on your website, post in Pinterest a pin where you share your article there, then copy the link of the pin and share it in your profile, comments, page...

And it works perfectly, you can do it while waiting for your URL to be unblocked from Facebook, or while waiting for the second method to work with you!

  • The Second Solution method :

The second method As we said before is the best because it is based on unblocking your website URL forever,

In this case, the solution is to send your website URL to someone, then the error message appears, where they prevent you from sending it according to their privacy policy... You will see the contact us if it is a mistake or something like this, click on it, then you will be directed to contact form where you must write your message, here you are an example that we wrote to them, where we described our issue, and convincing them that our content is good, respects their conditions...

Take the message below, they write your website name, Url in it, then send it!

Pay attention 1 ⚡🚩: 

one time or three times are not enough, you must at least send the same message below at least 2 times per day because they have multiple similar requests, and the chance to read your message is increasing if you send it more and more,

Pay attention 2⚡🚩:

try to make some changes to this message, or be creative by writing on your own way, because many other  readers will take the same message, which is not good 

pen writing ink classic letter

The message πŸ“§πŸ“§: 

 " Dear Facebook Team,

I am Your website name, I'm glad to write to you today! This is my first time contacting you, it's a pleasure for me by the way !.

Today I'm contacting you to inform you that my Blog URL has been blocked on Facebook.

This is my website URL: Your Url, which has been blocked on Facebook and prevents me to share my website links over my pages, comment, private message or anything else.

I inform you that I've read all your policies and conditions and I didn't go against them , or disrespect anyone of them. 

My blog is containing all the required pages, parts, metatags and codes for Facebook and other basic social media sites. 

My articles respect as well The facebook conditions, where I write about: Your content type!

But, Facebook blocks my website URL every time I try to share it, maybe it's by a mistake!

So if you can, This is a request to unblock my website URL and enable its links.

 I always acknowledge and thank the Facebook Team for their efforts and good services and care!

Please Unblock my website.

URL: your website URL 

Thank you in Advance!

Your Page \ Channel \Website Name "

πŸ‘‰ So that's all we have for today hope you liked it, and wish it will work for you correctly!

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