10 Phrases You Shouldn't Say to Shy People !

Shyness, also called "degeneration" is a feeling of fear, discomfort, or embarrassment, especially when a person is around other people. ... 

Stronger forms of shyness are usually referred to as social anxiety or social phobia.

 The main distinguishing feature of shyness is the largely ego-driven fear of what others will think of a person's behavior.

Shy people are everywhere around us, it is simply a personality type that distinguishes them, as it can be sometimes weakness or a thing that they fear and they want to get over.

That's why in today's article we will see some expressions/phrases you must avoid while talking to a shy person, which can be a friend, a family member, or a co-worker, in order to keep your relationship perfect and avoid making them uncomfortable!

So keep reading!

1-Stop being so shy!

This is actually the worse phrase 😱 in Our list because it is directly pointing out the problem.

In addition to asking for something instantly impossible, unless if the shy person has a high determination and makes serious efforts for change in a specific amount of time, but instantly: it is impossible! 

2-You're so boring!

If you ask this one, don't be surprised if the shy person doesn't talk with you anymore, or doesn't reply to your phone calls, because he has felt that your personality type is not suitable for him.

 which means he knows that you together do not find harmony no longer and you don't like him as he isπŸ˜ͺ!

3-Just say hello...It's not that difficult!t!

In this situation, a simple word like this can deprive the shy person of his freedom and his dignity, especially if he is in front of a group of people, which means he could be mad at you later or feel angry πŸ˜ πŸ‘Ώ !

4-Stop keeping attached to me all the time!

If he keeps holding your hand all the time and keeps sticking to you during the whole trip, just handle with it, he will change this habit through time, help him feeling free ad depending on himself, by making simulation situations or make a fake excuse to leave him alone and see what he will do! 

5-You should go/hang out more!

for your knowledge, He already knows this fact, and it is something beyond his ability, more powerful than him!

Instead, try to encourage him going out with you, motivate him indirectly πŸ˜‰

6-Did you know that it is rude not to talk to anybody?

As same as above!

7-Don't be like '' The X Name '' who has been from his work / lost his friend/something tragedic because of being shy!

Examples from real life are the best argument to convince someone on an idea, and here you've used them negatively because you show him a bad image of his future -which can be by the way better than your's-, which can make him lose hope or learn bad habits because of desperation!


Finally, you should always remember that An introvert knows that he is an introvert, who speaks a lot knows that he is talkative, and who criticizes the other two knows that he is hurting them, everyone knows the characteristic of him, but not every person tries to change it, be like what you are and ignore their words and criticism, the shy people are nice people and they don't like to hurt anyone, they are wonderful people and take their time and position in the right time and challenge themselves 🀍!

So next time, try helping them, so someone will help you in the future!

That's it guys for today, hope you enjoyed it.

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