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All of us want to make our lives a successful story, we all try to generate money and have big numbers and achieve the dream life that we have planned form our childhood, right ?!

 But, to transform these imaginary words into REALITY and make your ideas come true, it takes a big amount of courage, hard work, motivation, determination, and many other several and different skills from soft ones to hard ones...

This is why we are here today for you,  in This article, You will discover with us: such an effective rule to add, memorize and try to use each time you are feeling lazy, confused, less motivated or less productive because you waste a lot of time!

πŸ‘‰ The Rule is Called '' The 15 minutes rule '': a quick, simple & useful rule all the entrepreneurs and successful businessmen use.

 So stay with us!

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So, Let's get in our subject :

πŸ™In order to make things simple and clear for you, this is the 15 minutes theory you must remember :

The 15 minutes Rule Content

  • If you spend 15 minutes a day improving and developing yourself, at the end of the year you will see a marked change in yourself.

  • - If you remove 15 minutes a day or spend less than 15 minutes per day on things that are useless and don't give you any profit, you will surely achieve success in the coming years.

  • If you devote 15 minutes a day to learn a new language, it is better than going to the language courses once a week.

  • - If you spend 15 minutes a day walking fast, the result could be better than going to the club two days a week.

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  • - If you devote daily 15 minutes to the stimulating reading that evokes the gray cortex of the brain (you read something you really like), you will get great developments in understanding and the power of expression.

  • - If you devote 15 minutes to writing daily, you will be able to write an essay every two or three days easily, and at the end of the year, you will get a book of your own writing.

To sum up 

It's not hard to have this basic skill at all, it can only be acquired by practicing and hard work, experience/repetition ...

And we wish you all the best in achieving your career goals and having success in your life!

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