Why Reading's Effects Are Incredible? | Start reading these books !

Since reading a frequent habit these days that most successful people do, Today's article is about: why you should start reading real books, what effects do they have on your personality,, knowledge, culture, and education!

As we will finally give you a list of selected books, to begin with, if you want to start sailing in this new amazing universe!

So, please enjoy😉

Before starting I'd like to ask you a question about something :

Do you think that if you read somewhere Beneficial book written by a wise person where he listed all his experiences and all his advice that he learned in life, and You applied some of these tips that correspond to your values, principles and your vision in life ... Do you think that you will become the same person after each book you've read and that you will see life with the same glasses that you were looking at?

Do you think this will not increase your confidence? Do you think that it will not increase your intelligence? Do you think that it will not make you a better version of yourself? Do you really appreciate the tremendous amount of wisdom found in every book that is not worth the price at all?

Did you know that there are books that teach you how to become an excellent speaker .. a successful business manager .. a happy person .. a deep thinker .. a rich person...

Saying that I do not find the time or that I do not feel the desire to read are trivial excuses, and that will always make you at the end of the knees, if you do not have the time really, then how do you find it for the TV that you sit in front of during hours...

If you do not have the desire, then know that no one has the desire to do anything useful, everyone wants to do something amusing, and this is the difference between the successful and the others because they make decisions consciously and invest in themselves and in their education even though they do not really want to do this, but they are disciplined and committed... Remember that our decisions shape us and shape our destiny in the long run.

You can visit Bill Gates' account (by the way, the last picture he has published is about books, where he;s showing you some books to success your life projects) or Mark Zuckerberg's one or any successful and internationally known CEO, then try to study them and you will find them reading continuously because they know that education never ends and that today's readers will become tomorrow's leaders.

☝ Start with ten pages🔟 every day and you will find that you have read about 36503️⃣6️⃣5️⃣0️⃣ pages in a year, almost 20 books on average annual.

  • I want you to read

  • I want you to get better.

  • I want you to see things with a better and broader perspective

🌹 In order to share with you my experience: I've decided to read in the next new 2020 year around 60 books! that's my goal.

Here's a list below showing you a list of the best books I've ever seen, check the list if you are looking for beneficial books!

  • Pistachio theory
  • Unlimited capabilities
  • Awaken the giant within
  • Money mastering the game
  • Robbery rules
  • The art of seduction
  • The seven habits of the most effective people
  • Eighth habit
  • The power of your subconscious mind
  • Shoe dog
  • Thinking fast and slow
  • Tools of titans
  • 10x
  • Tribe of mentors
  • Mastery
  • 4 hours week
  • The laws humans nurture
  • This is marketing
  • Zero to one
  • Ego is the enemy
  • The magic of thinking big
  • 21 lessons for 21 century
  • Man search for meaning
  • Homo duos
  • The lean startup

👉That's our end, please tell us in the comment box below your favorite book or the best one you've admired in that list, and share with us your experience as well about reading, your goals, and your advice

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