Quick Steps To The Effective Reading Skill

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Good day all, hope you are doing great all over the world πŸ’™ πŸ™‹‍♂️ πŸ‘‹ !

In today's article, we will give you something special! something everybody needs nowadays, in the daily  & professional life.

It is related to making your reading skills more effective, beneficial and valuable If you want to transform it into EFFECTIVE READING.

So, keep reading, but attentionally,

Reading exists, but effective reading is a higher skill that we should all acquire! Due to the huge difference between them.

While reading is based on understanding and learning, the effective one can surpass the previous meaning from decoding hidden messages, taking more knowledge, selection of good from bad information to having the critical mindset/point of view!

☝ First, here are the most essential skills  or strategies  that you should respect while reading any paragraph or any text to get as much as possible benefits from your reading

reading skills You should learn


🧠 Summarize

πŸ”ŠAsk questions

πŸ”Reread for clarity

πŸ”₯ Make inferences

πŸ‘ Make predictions

πŸ“Ž Make connections

🧾 Adjust your pacing

πŸ“ Find facts and details

πŸ”‘ Recognize sequences

πŸ“Œ Identify the main idea

🎭 Compare and find contrasts

πŸ‘‚ Use background knowledge

πŸŒ— Recognize causes and effects

πŸ‘‰ Identify the author's purpose

πŸ€” Distinguish between facts and opinions

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important comparison

Imagine with me the text in front of you is a cow that you want to harvest (take as much as possible information, meanings, ideas..  ) and these skills above are the weapons/tools you can use to maximize the crops   (they can be machines, gloves, oils in real life..)

Which means you will benefit more if you took more skills

πŸ›‘  The chart below shows us clearly the difference between advanced and normal reading, in order to use the suitable one depending on the situation :



  • consists only on consuming idea
  • Limited & provisional education
  • accepting any fact & passive opinion 
  • " No need to understand each word, understanding the global  context in enough "
  • Our 5 senses work less 

                              Effective reading                          

  • based on producing knowledge and improving information
  • permanent & effective knowledge                                              
  • the critical mindset of everything we hear and having doubts to improve the information quality 
  • Learning new vocabulary and noting new words 
  • a better connection with the writer/author to get what really he means

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To sum up 

It is not difficult at all to have this basic skill, it can be acquired only by reading few reading skills such as these ones above, then try to use them while reading each time, and by experience/repetition you'll find that you began to dread effectively every time unconsciously. because you've acquired the key which is continuous practice/ training consistently!

And we wish all the best for you to achieve your goals in your career and have success in your life!

Than's for being here today. Share with us your opinions, ideas or advice on the comments box bellow

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