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Recently, with the new year " 2020 '' 🎄🎅 many websites, shops & accounts have begun to share a new type of products called the Finishers journal, with The emoji of thunder: such as this one  ⚡...

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So, today we will discover what is this Finishers Journal exactly?

             👉how much could it be useful?

             👉does is it really worth that price?

Soo, Stay with us!

☝ First, we will take this website, as one of the sellers of that product, as a base to explain to you what is it! 

Click here to go to the website: finishersecrets

According to that website, it's NOT another ''regular day planner''!

The image on this link shows you how one page of that book looks like.

journal note agenda diary finishers journal amazon

So, right now you must have noticed that we are talking about a special notebook/agenda/reminder/memo or a diary. 

Nouns could be different, but the purpose is generally unique: to remind about your daily tasks, weekly goals, to write down your activities, how your day goes so far...

But, this special diary called the finishers journal is quite different, why?

Because it is already having questions about what will you? what is the goal for today ? have you planned for the next week? or about what lessons did you learn today, and what tasks haven't you done today ...

These types of questions are very frequent in that book, which may help you define easily what you want or remind you about a task which you haven't decided yet. In addition to helping you saving time 1

Besides, one important thing in this diary is some quotes of motivation, success, and advice, that you can read in case of losing motivation or feeling lazy...

And without forgetting about charts contained, they make it easy to summary how your week went :

paper pen pages note wordpad sheet sinishers journal

If we can give another meaningful name to that agenda, because the name draft or diary is underestimating it, due to its value, we can call it a success planer or hustler's book or simply the finishers journal!

Does it worth its value?

Well, of course, that book deserves its value, it is not expensive anyway around 10-30 dollars at max, the website by the way above that we gave you sells it at 30 dollars in addition to free motivational and success books!

🛑 We write our own review of this website, which means we are not paid for it and it is nor advertising. We just took one of the examples of the product!😉

Our opinion 

planning life goals setting tasks

We encourage anyone who wants to start a new fresh year 2020 full of achievements, success to buy this book, or use the same model.

It will help you to start every new day with setting goals, in order to build a routine of an effective man and get rid of bad habits such as laziness or procrastination! 


Remember that buying such a diary or using such a method to identify your goals is not enough, what really matters after the plan is execution,,, yes action,, hustle and hard work.

So, keep this in mind each time!

That's ou end, thank you for being here today, share with us  your thoughts and your ideas, at the comment box bellow 

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