Smart Tricks You need To Promote Yourself Perfectly !

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Promoting yourself in an interesting skill that you should acquire In this century, especially because we see how important it is in a job interview, at the selling process, in a presentation or at any self-introduction in general...

That's why you should practice very well to learn this useful gift, And in today's article: we are here for you to give you amazing tricks and advice in order to help you promote yourself correctly and perfectly!

The importance of Promoting yourself skillfully

Let's first make us in a situation that we live coming from reality to see how far acquiring this skill is important: for example let's see a recruiter of a job offer, of course in the interview day, he will receive so many candidates to do the job interview, in general: they have similar CVs, similar training, education...And for the question of "self-introduction" usually, the candidates give the same answers, and the same expression sometimes.

So, the jury / the recruiters are sick of hearing the same stuff, same sentences repeating, and the same classic qualities such as: "I Am Serious, hard-working, Punctual, Motivated, ambitious..."

These all are over-used qualities every one use nowadays, and we normally should Avoid them To give the jury what they want: They want something unique, different, honest, organized and especially:  Never heard before, which means it should refer only to you, created by you and having your speaking style!

You see...? Since Right now we know how much it is important to be prepared for the Self-promotion question correctly and to distinguish from others, Let's Continue!

How can I improve my self-promoting's Level

📌This is the core of our article, so let's start without any introduction: 

Use keywords according to the sector/field: 

it is essential that you display a certain mastery for the field in which you wish to work. Learn about the missions generally entrusted to this position, the qualities that must be had, remember four or five and keep them as keywords with which you will hammer your speech.

Insist on your motivation 

by giving Your values: why do you have this desire? Where do you get your enthusiasm from? Explain your values by suitable keywords .

Communicate on the internet

Whatever your type of activity, the Internet is the most affordable channel to promote yourself/ business. Well thought out, an online communication strategy can have very beneficial effects for its visibility, without thus requiring significant expenses.

Make your business card

Did you know that actually in Japan, one of the most important traditions at formal introductions is giving each other your Business Card because it means a source of credibility, and it shows your information Accompanying your address/profession and other useful details.

That's why if you do these tricks in a meeting or an interview you will look without a doubt professional and serious more than the others.

Talk about the added value of your's

In this subject you must be practical, pragmatic which means shows them how much you can be useful, what will you provide on the other hand, what will you give/make/do better than the others...

All this in order to show them their profit/win as well from hiring you in case of a job interview 

Your background: 

your studies, your main training, the experiences that you have been able to carry out during these last months ... Do not make a list of accumulated experiences (your CV already does it very well), but choose two or three elements the more relevant to your employer. Again, be sure of yourself: you must be proud of the path you have traveled so far. Do not hesitate to add small unusual details, anecdotes (you have a passion for photography and you got involved in it for a while? A passion that pushed you to go further in this area in parallel?): This are elements that will mark the employer, make him smile, and make you more unique.

Do some research about your audience

Before meeting them, try to know with whom you will do the interview, what personalities do they have, what type of personality do they like, are they funny.serious...

Doing this trick can be beneficial for you sometimes, as I was for me in a meeting with my big boss, I've heard that he likes Cats, so I put as a background of my phone a cute cat to begin the dialogue about the topic and results were of course amazing!

What Comes after self-promoting?

As we see here, we've given you practical advice to help you promote yourself completely in a verbal way, which means the non-verbal way is missing here, and of course, you already know that giving the best information with fewer emotions and less physical expressions may mean nothing because the listener reacts to facial expression, voice, emotions, gestures, body moves... 

So, the advice you can take here is to present your speech with The suitable body language type: And the perfect variation of the intonation of your voice, don't try to communicate with the person in front of you verbally only, but try to take his petition, intention, emotions...

⚠ And some of the skills that you can use are :

  • Public speaking
  • Eye contact 
  • Impose your presence on the stage!
  • Express honesty 
  • Improvisation
  • Speech monotony variation


🙏 So, This is ou end, we hope you learned something useful from here, thanks for your visit!

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