Selling skill :Best way to make money !

Ways to make money are very different and diverse, but the skill of how to sell is the most important one! So today, in this article we will discover how much is this skill important? How can you acquire some sellings tricks to develop your level in this skill? And finally, we will show some facts about clients and customers to avoid/do in order to increase your sellings!

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πŸ‘‰So let's get directly in our subject, keep reading 

What I advise you to do at the moment, is to develop your selling skill, try to search for the characteristics that prevent you from being a good seller such as shyness, inability to negotiate and work to correct them. In order to make things clear, here is a simple list of the benefits first of the selling skill :

  • There is No project/company/enterprise which can stand without sales.

  • The beneficial selling skills are hard to acquire( They simply need hard work and time, in addition to consistency: which means they need passion because they are not impossible, they are hard only!)

  • You can earn a lot of money as a seller

  • There is no limit to the profit, quantity or price!

  • The majority of good sellers are successful businessmen 

Closing skill:

This skill is considered the core and essence of the sales process because it reflects the importance of the role assigned to the seller in completing the sell (Closing), as it is unreasonable for the seller to have all the skills, and he misses this skill through which he ends the sales process successfully and concludes the deal.

Sellers often excel at offering their sales, but many of them may fail to conclude a deal with a customer. In this case, the activity carried out by the seller is not like the one that is taking place in a vicious circle; the lesson is not with the offers and the mastery of them, but the lesson of the results and objectives envisaged from the deals that are to be achieved.

It is noteworthy that this skill requires the seller to choose the appropriate time to complete the sale, as the choice of time factor has a major impact on his success in completing his deal with the customer. Timeliness is determined by the seller when he is certain that the customer is ready to buy.
So it was necessary to identify the positions and the three reactions that the customer usually takes towards the seller when he is asked the question of feeling the pulse. 

πŸ“ŒAs the question is supposed to be asked in the following form:

"Mister the Customer, What your opinions about it about it, based on our previous talking?"

Here, we must pay attention to the customer's reaction, because according to the reaction he will receive, he must take one of 3 positions:

The first: Either concludes the deal immediately if the customer finds ready to buy.

The second: to try to ask the question of another pulse, or to use another method if the customer’s position, the extent of willingness, and willingness to buy are not clear yet.

The third: Continuing to offer sales, and talking about the advantages and benefits of the product in an effort to convince the customer.

Here, the seller must remember that his success in convincing the customer necessitates the conclusion of the deal, as it is the conduct and the natural conclusion of the sales offer that he makes.

** Attributes of a successful seller **

There is no doubt that you interact unconsciously with our prospective client... He sees you and hears you when you go to him .. And whenever his impression on you personally is interesting and attractive to him... There is a precious deal waiting for us .. And whenever your person is not encouraging .. We lose a customer .. Multiple future deals.

Remember that your customer does not see your equipment and benefits first. Rather you see you, so try to be for yourself a unique personality from others and keep the formal components of your character through elegance in clothing, expressions of your face, self-confidence, looks, eye movement, enthusiasm, sound, and expressions, as well as the way to shake hands with the customer.
And those things, despite their simplicity, you need them to sell ...

This is done according to the following:

1- External appearance:
- He left a positive impression from the first moments.
Give self-confidence.
The customer’s vision determines the seller: -
1- Dress 2- Hygiene (elegance).

2- Voice and Conversation:
The tone of voice.
Method of behavior.
- The way to address and treat people.

πŸ›‘ * Advice: Don't smoke while meeting a potential customer *

3- Intelligence:
- Promptitude.
- Good listening.
4- To have two meetings:
n Create a social atmosphere.
n Not injuring others.

πŸ“ŒNote :

*Stay quiet and silent is better than saying something unuseful or not bad.
*While talking to the customer don't focus on how the item is good, but focus on how you will make it look good.

5- Dependable (Credibility:
Keeping promises and obligations.

6- Laugh at the right time.

7- Firmness: Intelligently controlling the situation.

8- Self-confidence: patience and chest: Self-confidence is generated by experience and expertise.

9- Use words: present the idea clearly.

10-Design and perseverance.

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