USE The "SMART" Goals Criteria | Achieve Fast your Objectives !

As you know, the new year 2020 has just begun, and many people usually take their time to begin a new life, new personality or new mindset, in order to develop themselves and succeed!

This new personality should be of course different: more successful, motivated, productive, hard-working and focused...

That's why the first process of change that we do is MAKING GOALS.

Goals can change anything actually, due to passion, desire, and hard work. Yet, making goals is not as easy as it seems to be, this operation, in fact, should be organized, and the way to do so is by respecting some conditions!

That's why, in today's article we will share with you, a famous efficient Criteria Called  The ''S.m.a.r.t '' Criteria which will help you make realistic goals, having a high expectation of being achieved!

So, let's get started :

⚠ First, you must know this important fact : 

Any Goal Can't be achieved unless it is written down on a paper.

And the meaning of this is that goals should be written down, in a paper, to surpass the limits of being only a theory, an idea, or an abstract thing, because when your write the goal, you transform it into real the existence world, and is also the first part of being achieved!

So, the meaning of the smart criteria can be understood from the image below 

which means 

S    : for  specific
M  :  for measurable
A   : for achievable
R   : for relevant
T   : for time-based

👉 Make sure the goal you want to achieve respects these simple lovely conditions :

There is no need actually to explain each one. However, mu should take a few examples to better understand them : 

⚽ Specific 

This noun means you shouldn't say something having a huge meaning, because your brain will not recognize what you want, that's why he wouldn't do any effort because he's perplexed what to do, why...


      1         " I want to be excellent " 

        2       " I want to became  rich "

          3     " I've decided to be the best " ...

All these examples, are present in our community, we hear them very often, but, actually, they end-up in the imagination world, simply because they are not specific or detailed, so next time try to transform these examples above to these ones :

1-" I want to do things correctly \ master my work "

2- " I will make more money through this job\ activity\ hobby "

3-" I'm gonna be the champion of my class \ society \family in football\tennnis\maths\smartness\drawing..."

🥎 " measurable "

You must make your goals, contain the possibility of checking how much did we achieve them: did we fail or succeed..

🏈 " achievable " 

It could mean attainable as well, Make sure goals must be real and logical, you can't say for instance that you dream to make one million dollars next month while you make probably 500 bucks a week through your job! 

Don't forget to be real and mature as much as possible! 


 always replace "dream\ want " terms to  " plan \ decide \ work for "while setting your goals.

🏀 " Relevant "

Do you appreciate how much these criteria are important? well, ask yourself first :

  • is this a worthwhile goal?

  • is this the right time?

  • do I have the necessary resources to accomplish this goal?

  • does it respect or follow my long-termes objectives ?


Time is the most forget condition everywhere, always try to link each goal with a specific (deadline) when your goal will be achieved!


by the next week, I will finish this research \ book \ task...

I will plan to start learning Japanese in year!

I've decided to propose for her before the next month .


🎭   That's it, right now you are ready to smash your goals on a big paper, and to achieve them easily.

Let us know your objectives for the new year through the comments, to see if they respect this model!

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  1. This is amazing man, this exactly what I need in the beginning of this year 2020.


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