Use the 5/5 Magic Rule To Manage Your Tasks !

We all want to achieve success in our lives, we all want to make money and have a dream life that we always imagine! But just like any other dream, this one requires a big amount of determination, hard work πŸ’ͺ, motivation, and other basic skills...

That's why in today's article, we will share with you an effective rule to learn, memorize and try to use each time you are confused about which task/mission you should start with.

It is called the 5/5 rule: a simple, short and meaningful rule all the entrepreneurs and successful businessmen use.

 So stay with us!

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So, Let's get in our subject :

The 5/5 Rule Content

If the thing you are thinking about is not will be important after five years, don't waste more than five minutes worried about it, don't waste your time and your effort in something which is not important for you !


The rule's content s quite obvious and clear, but if you read it many other times and rethink about it you will find it beneficial more, for example, it directly targets the big concentration or appreciation we give to our daily activities (make-up, impressing others, kitchen plates, social media posts, the exceeded amount of Entertainment, PlayStation games or worse...). 

which means: you should make a priority chart to manage your time, money, effort! where you will give time to activities who can improve your life or increase your income!

πŸ›‘ And it this the occasion in this article actually to give you useful advice to follow respecting this rule, which can improve your life quality and make you more satisfied and more successful :

  • Wake up early 
  • Give up bad habits
  • manage your priorities
  • focus only on what matters 
  • give the priority for yourself 
  • Prefer benefits than entertainment
  • Manage your social media usage
  • Plan for each day before going to bed
  • Help others, this is an investment actually)
  • Motivate yourself on the daily
  • Don't let anyone be your motivation or happiness source
  • Be competent and don't underestimate your skills
  • consistency and commitment are
  • Learn more professional skills and soft-skills related to the professional world

πŸ‘‰ This is actually the content of most of our articles, that's why you will learn more if you check the oldest articles! 


We would like to end our article with a famous quote that our team takes as a catchword :

The tragedy of life is not when you don't achieve your dream, but it is when you don't have a goal / dream to work on 

That's why not anybody achieves the dream-life we have mentioned at the beginning of this article, but still have success or still don't lose hope!

Of course, we encourage you to be ambitious and dreaming, and we don't encourage satisfaction, but we mean that any person must be flexible if he doesn't achieve his dream, but he must think another way! πŸ˜‰πŸ™‚

So, that's it for today, we hope you enjoyed! thank's for your visit πŸ’™

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