What are your biggest weaknesses? | Job-interview Hardest Question

The job interview in one of the procedures of recruitment, where the potential recruiter meets the candidate for the first time, and of course it would be in general somehow difficult, why? because simply it is like a test where the interviewer tries to check some qualities and some criteria such as responsibility, being a serious, motivated, hard-working mindset...

And of course, in order to choose the best one for the job offer, the recruiter selects very well his questions, and sometimes he adds some tricky ones, like the question we will talk about in this article :

What are your biggest weaknesses ?

So, first, we will discover together what most people think about this question, in order to avoid those types of answers, second, we will see an example of answering this question by an expert, to move finally to techniques you can use to emphasize your profile perfectly!

Most people think that the best way to answer this question is to mention hidden strengths as weaknesses. Like superstars in television interviews when they ask them these questions, and they transform the answer to say for example " Sometimes I become very helpful until they use me, or I forgive people quickly or I care a lot about others until I forget myself..." All these answers are usually fake, over-used, standard, and not honest: which means you should avoid them during a job interview.

Or for example, most answers that you should avoid are like this: (I work hard), (I care a lot) or (I’m good at working under pressure)... You did not actually answer the question correctly in these cases ...

But (Valerie: Director of Harvard University's Professional Services) suggests doing the exact opposite and answering the question honestly. "They are looking for a realistic view of your competencies and the ability to improve your performance," she says...

You see now? the goal which hides behind this question is not to see your weaknesses and evaluate you through them! No, Nobody will judge you. The real goal behind them is to see how much you are honest with yourself, in addition, to see the way you evaluate yourself!

Often you will not have all the skills listed in the CV, your employer will likely see this through your experience. Instead of leaving it unanswered when asking this question, talk about this weakness and your ability to learn and perhaps how you started to address this weakness by talking about the training courses that you took to develop your skills.

For example: (Valerie) suggests that if you do not have a technical skill listed in the CV file, talk about it as a weakness. Then talk about how you learn other technical skills quickly, and how you think you can learn this skill as well.

To summarize, this question must show you your unique way to answer it, and the major key to do it is to transform the question like what we've seen at the text above, and the most important thing is to stay honest with yourself!

So, guys, This was our article for today, we hope you enjoyed and learned something new from us today. By the way, you can always check one of our previous articles where we talked about the same topic, The title is: "What Are Your Biggest Faults ?" | How to answer while Job-Interview !", and you can go to that article from HERE in order to expand your knowledge and know more techniques to answer this special question.

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