What is culture | Types & impacts On Society ?

Hi all, Today we will Learn what is culture? Some of its kinds, its effect on humans and society in order to become a cultured person...But before here is a list of some current examples :

Examples of different cultures

  • American culture.

  • Chinese culture
      👉 Which is the most famous and diverse one!

  • Mexican culture   : 

     👉Known by its history -Maya civilization for example- 

  • Japanese culture : 🎌🗾
        👉discover some facts and information about this amazing culture in our previous article!

Culture definition

The concept of culture Culture can be defined as a term that expresses a set of social norms, knowledge, beliefs, and behaviors that exist in the members of human societies. 

Culture is a cumulative process that grows for individuals with the aging of years through socialization and the knowledge they receive. Humanity is what is acceptable to some segment of a human society, where each human society is distinguished by its various dimensions and cultural backgrounds, and here comes to mind a question what are the types of culture? How does it affect human behavior and build human personality?  

🌹 The following video explains in less than 2 minutes more than the general meaning of culture 


What are the types of culture?

To answer a question, we must take a closer look at this difference in social attitudes, cultural backgrounds and perceptions towards all that relates to human life and its goals and priorities in this life for different peoples and countries of the world, and here the nature of the culture of individuals emerges in the formation of the intellectual stock And cultural, and in general it can be answered a question: What are the types of culture by dividing it into what follows.

 Material culture

The material culture answers the question: What are the types of culture and knowledge, through everything that is perceived and indicates the cultural aspect, where a group of countries of the world was famous for the presence of certain industries that formed an important aspect of their cultural and social heritage, especially some industrialized countries that were able to enter the heart, Other peoples, through the industries that gradually became involved in their lives and became many daily practices through these genius industries, and the most prominent examples of this are the automotive industry, and the associated global brands, which reflect luxury and modernity.
 Intangible culture.

 📌The non-material culture 

It answers the question: What are the types of culture through everything that is imperceptible and indicates the cultural aspect, and that includes many beliefs, customs, traditions, and cultural and social heritage in order to build a knowledge-base, as it contributes to shaping the cultural situation of human peoples, and gives some privacy to the people based on The appropriate social roles and methods of communication between members of the same society

The impact of culture on human life

What are the types of culture, mentioning the effects that culture casts on human life, and the impact of culture on human life is highlighted by what cultural patterns cast on the lifestyle of peoples, especially with regard to the religious-cultural impact, as some things Some religions prohibit it, and therefore the peoples who convert to these religions often do not perform these practices. Examples include drinking alcohols that have many health damages, while other peoples are commonly aware of health awareness of their plant food patterns that affect public health, and some professions are related Fashionable x A pigeonhole that has religious and cultural repercussions due to the existence of specificity for these professions in some popular cultures.  

So, guys, after defining culture: next time we will discover the culture -cultural- shock, tell us what would you know about it!

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