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What does intellectual mean?

An intellectual is a person whose activity is based on the exercise of the mind, who engages in the public sphere to be part of his analyzes, his points of view on the most varied subjects or to defend values, which generally does not assume direct responsibility in practical matters, and which has a form of authority. The intellectual is a contemporary figure distinct from that of the older philosopher who leads to reflection in a conceptual framework.

What about Awareness? 

If we could compare the word awareness or give you some awareness synonyms, we may give you these ones :

consciousness, recognition, realization, cognizance, perception, apprehension, understanding, grasp, appreciation, acknowledgment, knowledge, sensitivity to, sensibility to, insight into, familiarity with...

So now, after seeing the difference between awareness and intellectual concepts, let's see our topic's definition!

Intellectual-Awareness Definition And Meaning

Educating yourself and expanding your knowledge has become a priority in our century, due to the continuous multiplication of scientific researches and innovations and the multiple cultural mazes that we live in, who try to hide the truth from us and keep using our ignorance such as the anti-intellectualism movement in American life.

That's why, in today's article we will see the importance of Intellectual awareness, some of its examples, how to acquire it, and finally, we will see the reality of this idea in our society!

In brief, Acquiring this skill allows you to have your own identity, intellectual identity... which means having the ability to understand by yourself ideas, express freely, debate wrong opinions... And using your own mind not only imitate others ...Is also refers to being different, out of the troup and an independent thinker! 

Intellectual awareness examples 

๐Ÿ‘‰The following examples will help you discover the intellectual's mindset and have the intellectual awareness for better motivation, more knowledge, better education and to improve yourself

  • "intellectual arrogance " is one dangerous behavior that you should avoid. First, it means when someone feels he is better / smarter or higher than anybody else because of a specific amount of knowledge he acquires! It is obviously an idiot act because no matter how much culture or education you've got, you still have a long journey in acquiring more information, reaching scientists level, and in comparing yourself with ancient thinkers ... \

  • self-awareness: it is also called  Self-consciousness, which is Only what brings us closer to a state of "congruence with the self", a situation in which what we say, think about and feel is consistent in all times and contexts. However, building self-awareness is a life-long process 

  • intellectual disability: each time you read this concept, don't you think about handicapped people who have difficulties in recognizing, memorizing and analyzing things, NO!...There is a type of people who deserve to be called that way, they are the people who have their own brains, but they have never used it before, they prefer to stay ignorant and depend on others..So, don't be one of them!

  • situational awareness is another Intellectual awareness example, which refers to understanding the situation you are in, reading what hides beyond what we see and what is shown, also not only reading the lines but reading what is beyond the lines as well! 

  • intellectual-property, this is an interesting word you should learn, because it protects someone's ideas if he is the inventer, due to some intellectual property law and rights, it is similar to the copyrights or the patent!

Intellectual-Awareness In our Societies 

Many people live between a world of realistic thought and a world of creative imagination, some succeed in realizing his ideas and creativity, and some live and be captive of his imaginary illusions... There is no doubt that human thought is what constitutes the reality of life and the extent of its development and progress, as everyone knows that man is nothing but ideas Where God Almighty honored him and distinguished him with reason and reflection on all his creatures. If we look at a person’s life, we find that it is shaped by ideas, as a person arranges his thoughts to choose his future, the work he desires, the type of study he loves, and trying to prove himself. 

All of this stems from human thought and feeling. If we look at the mechanisms by which people place their ideas, we find that they are centered in social institutions and are represented in the home and places of worship, and educational institutions, and are represented in schools, universities, institutes, entertainment institutions, and clubs, and are represented in radio, television and the Internet, and cultural institutions, and are represented in libraries. And if building these institutions is sound, then they will definitely contribute to building a righteous person, and if some of them are spoiled, the person will be corrupted in turn to the extent that man is exposed to each of them. Therefore, society must always follow these institutions. 

When expressing ideas, and when renewing, express in strong language, expressions that away from verbal abuse, flaunting officials or superiors, or deviating from the general etiquette and societal traditions. Many scientists affirm that a person remains in need of renewing the intellectual awareness in order to be able to build new ideas, as a person tends to repeat ideas and remains in need of renewing ideas, and with the renewal of these ideas he can develop the community surrounding him. Because the problems are constantly renewed and appear in new forms, it must also be dealt with, and the creation of new ideas, and access to new methods. 

There are conditions when renewing the intellectual awareness of the human person, on top of which is the distance from discord and intolerance, the realization of reason and science, and the absence of sedition and confusion, and that all listen to each other, the president and subordinate, the rich and the poor, the junior and senior officials, and scrutiny of the same ideas. Ideas of intellectual renewal must be launched in an atmosphere of serenity, love, and safety, avoiding disputes, and concern for the public interest, and that these ideas should not have special goals, but all of them will go in the service of society. That is the pillar of this home. 

Likewise, when expressing ideas, and when renewing, expressing in strong language, expressions that steer clear of verbal regret, flaunting officials or superiors, or deviating from the general etiquette and societal traditions followed. And when renewing the intellectual awareness, this must be done according to a cooperative system of educators and thinkers, so that the renewed ideas come out with a minimal amount of errors so that the impurities that are tainted in them are easy to pick and come out in the closest picture to the complete picture because the human life does not need repression, but to walk In a right path straight and at a fast pace, because the world will not stand to wait for us, but we must hurry to make up for what we have missed, and we parallel the world in its progress and progress, and we have intellectual capabilities that allow us to do so.

 Every day the West has new concepts because it has new ideas, they work and they always think about development, they do not implement what is dictated to them without realizing reason and thinking. The few people have high goals and can achieve their goals, while the vast majority complain of frustration, time, and force majeure that do not enable them to reach what they want, and abound in regret: if my burden was less, if my income increased, if this and such, I would have done such and such and such and the result nothing. 

And he believed those who said: Failed is skilled in inventing excuses and rationale, but successful people skilled in inventing solutions and alternatives. We have to move away from the principle of "Let others start", but every person who can renew and develop takes the lead within the framework of what we have said of the necessary intellectual rules. It helps him chart the way of the future for him and for future generations.

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