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Did you know that the word: "Knowledge" has multiple meanings and several synonyms?  Especially in our century, which is the age of information, speed, and scientific innovations...

That's why in today's article guys, we will share with you 10 useful synonyms - other words - for Knowledge 2020, in order to help you in knowledge matters, global knowledge tests or seeking more knowledge!

📌So, let's start! But before here's one of the known Knowledge's definitions

The concept of knowledge

It is the individual's ability to understand and realize the facts surrounding him, and awareness in obtaining and acquiring information through conducting experiments or observation and reflection, and knowledge and awareness can also be reached by monitoring what others have done and looking at and examining their conclusions, and the amount of knowledge is linked quickly Intuition and the relentless pursuit of searching for unknown objects, discovering their secrets, and developing individual capabilities based on conclusions.

10 similar Words standing for the same meaning!

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  • Episteme

It is our Website's name by the way because our content is related to general culture and sharing useful knowledge. That's why We have a passion for everything related to facts
Episteme is a philosophical concept of Greek origin ἐπιστήμη, which signifies science (in the double sense of constituted knowledge, and of virtue which consists in "being learned in action"), for example in Book VI of the Ethics to Nicomaque of Aristotle.

  • Culture

This one is the most obvious word which refers directly to knowledge. Culture, in its broadest sense, is considered to be the set of distinctive, spiritual and material, intellectual and emotional traits that characterize a society or a social group. It includes, in addition to the arts and letters, lifestyles, fundamental human rights, value systems, traditions, and beliefs.

  • wisdom

To clarify your vision about this concept of wisdom, you must imagine a wise person's behavior...Now you see, Wisdom is in my opinion something big and more important than knowledge because the wise person has already a tremendous amount of information, facts, and knowledge, and after that, he began to match what he has learned with his actions, words, and behaviors. That's why wisdom is related to knowledge, and they are clearly attached!

*Additional information: 

if you search between the old Greek gods, you will find one called Athena or Athene, who is the Greek god of knowledge and wisdom. This confirms for us how much these two concepts are attached!

  • Learning

Learning could be a set of components driving to the securing of abilities, information or information. The learning performing artist is called a learner. We will differentiate learning with educating, the point of which is to confer information and abilities, the on-screen character of instructing being the educator.

  • Familiarity

This word is totally different from the" global or general knowledge" term because This one means an intimate knowledge of a subject, which means only the type of information related to a specific topic. the reason why is because the noun is from "family", which indicates the intimate relationships between the father, the wife and their children...

  • Education

the act or handle of giving or securing common information, creating the powers of thinking and judgment, and for the most part of planning oneself or others learned people for developing life.

the act or prepare for transmitting or obtaining specific information or abilities, such as for a Job...

  • Understanding

As a verb, this one is the synonym of learning, educating or acquiring knowledge...

And it means the process of receiving and getting the core of the facts that you receive. 

" Deepening understanding "  is one of my favorite 🙇‍♀️ expressions that remind me of knowledge ! if you like to use it in need.

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  • Science 🔬🔭🧪

This word is actually considered one of the knowledge branches, such as philosophy. Why ? because simply science helps humans to develop their knowledge about nature, biology, geology, psychology and many multiple different similar fields. 

  • Awareness

This is truly another strange word which could seem different than what knowledge actually means, but please, do not depend on the translation tools (dictionaries or translation apps), because first, if you think about the goal of learning and acquiring knowledge, this one is the answer. Second: From researches about the definition of this word: it is like conscience, an  Immediate knowledge of one's own psychic activity (opposes unconsciousness). Or simply Immediate, spontaneous knowledge as a type of cognitive process. 

  • Cognition

Before giving you guys the definition of cognition, I only want to express the joy that I had while writing and looking for these different aspects of knowledge. For example, Cognition is the set of mental processes that relate to the function of knowledge and involve memory, language, reasoning, learning, intelligence, problem-solving, decision making, perception or attention...

📌Which means each word from our list is related to knowledge without any doubt, but each one has its own way to describe the knowledge, it could be technically, manually or from the meaning...

👉 So, friends, That's it for today's article. It ends here!
 We hope you enjoyed the process of reading it, while learning any new idea, no matter how was it small🤏!

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