Best 5 Quarantine Habits to Improve Your Life

After talking about this pandemic: coronavirus which is making the entire world panic nowadays, China quarantine, Los Angeles quarantine Wuhan quarantine... it is everywhere in the world. So now, it became necessary to see the bright-side of this story. That's why in today's article we will see how to make this quarantine period useful and take some benefits from it, especially on the cultural side... Here you go these amazing 5 habits to grow your knowledge, culture, and education while staying at home during the coronavirus quarantine!

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Table of content

  • 1-   Brief Quarantine Defenition & meaning 
  • 2-  The Five activities you need to grow your culture
  • 3-  Quarantine Crisis: Causes
  • 4-  Other Quarantine Tip

1.  Quarantine Defenition and Meaning

Quarantine is a known public health strategy doctors use in order to help to block the spread of contagious sicknesses and infections. And it keeps the isolation.

What is the difference between isolation and quarantine?

Isolation is not a synonym of quarantine because it is a strategy we use to isolate people with spreading disease from healthy people. It also restricts isolation from the movement of patients to assist Not spreading a specific disease. Isolated persons can be cared for in their homes, hospital or designated health care facilities. And resort to Quarantine to isolate and restrict the movement of people who may be exposed to the infectious disease but do not have symptoms to see if they have contracted the disease or not.

2.  Five activities you need to Improve Your Life

1_Reading Books

Expanding your knowledge, education, and culture depends on the first stage of reading, it could be about physical books or e-books, it doesn't really matter.

I know that many of us struggle to keep this habit or to stay focused more than 30 minutes on a book, but note that it is a time issue that comes through practicing continuously. You can first read 10 pages, for example, the next day try to read an extra five, and after a week you'll see the difference

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2_Learn Cooking!

Yep, cooking is an excellent art, as it is a science currently, you must actually discover this passion and start learning from youtube videos new recipes in order to change your routine meals and keep in shape through healthy fook.

If you live with your mother and still studying, pay attention to this golden time and ask her to help you learn how she makes every single plat. She will Love the Idea!

3_Practice Yoga and Home Sports

We know that you know about your health care better than us, as we don't have to advise you about how practicing sport is beneficial for both the physical and psychological sides. However, don't forget to do each day some exercises: They could be Push-ups, Abs crunches, Stretch, Jumping Rope... In addition, to meditate through Yoga sessions, explanations are available everywhere on the internet, you can learn how and the essential equipment, You'll like itπŸ˜‰

4_Learn a New Skill

The job market in our century is demanding as it knows a large competition, which obliges you to have as gifts, skills, and culture as possible if you want to achieve your dreams: a nice big house, a fast sports car, and Money of course... Age doesn't matter neither smartness, what really matters is your passion and dreams and of course hard work, as the example says it takes sweat, blood, and tears! 

New skills could be related to communication, selling and closing, marketing strategies, social media managing, culture, knowledge. As you can learn a new language in order to expand your professional chances and make new friends worldwide, You can discover Here one of our best articles which will help you learn easily any language :

 But, the most important skills are the ones who can generate additional revenue for you while working only at home, For Example:

  •  Facebook advertising (Fb Ads)
  • Adobe Photoshop
  •  E-commerce
  •  Forex Trading

5_Reconsider yourself!

If you look at this chance closely, it will look golden for those who don't have time to think alone about their selves, about their future, dreams, life... It is the best time to rethink how you see yourself because the way we evaluate ourselves makes a big difference between us.

That's why, if you have a psychological problem such as self-confidence lack, underestimation .. or other problems facing you, We advise you to use this break and Regain yourself, in order to show the world again the new fresh best version of yourself after this quartine period!

3.  Quarantine Crisis: Causes

Let's put things in their place first. The quarantine crisis, even if it is prone to make us laugh in some more or less successful comedies, is not trivial. It can lead to painful mental diseases, unfortunate decisions or even depression.

The causes of the quarantine crisis are multiple. Among them we can cite:

  • Pressure from society (youth, performance, etc.)
  • boredom
  • Self-worth
  • Passing time
  • Fear

Fear is ultimately the main cause because it contains all the others. The fear of staying alone, of losing money, of no longer being what one was, of saying that nothing is possible anymore.

The trigger can be serious, such as death, illness, or just the opposite.

4.  Other Quarantine Tips

  • Choose a room separate from the rest of the family, preferably with a separate en suite bathroom, and fan it regularly and inappropriate ways.

  • Do not mix with the rest of the family at home.

  • Refrain from receiving visitors at home.

  • Do not depend on direct communication, try t depend on your cellphone instead.

  • Ask others - family members or friends - to do tasks for you like buying food or medicine.

  • You should not leave your home, and in case of any medical emergency, call the emergency number.

  • Only one member of the family should be allowed to care and serve you, and the person caring for you must wear a face mask and plastic gloves whenever he enters your room, and then get rid of them after use and wash his hands immediately after leaving your room, and you must maintain a distance of at least one meter Between you and the caregiver at all times.

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