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sexual education for kids sex education for children

Teaching our kids about the scientific aspect, culture or literature is not enough if we want to raise tomorrow's men and women! Because we should teach them about other ethical and moral sides as well, such as Sexual education, or what we call Sexuality education: which is one of the important aspects of life and it is one of the reasons for the continuation of human life and the construction of the universe in the right way. 

And so that every father and mother should be fully prepared to answer their children's questions about Sex-education, no matter how the question was! In order to spread awareness about many social issues such as Pedophilia or Homosexuality...

Thinking about sexual education, its rules and origins will raise many questions in our minds, which is exactly what we will answer in our article:

Article contents

1. Sex education definition and meaning
2. The importance of sexual education for children and adolescents?
3. How do I start talking about sex with children?
4. When does the child's sexual education start?

1. What is Sexual education?

Sex education is to reinforce and build positive attitudes of individuals towards sexual information, and to educate them about the correct handling of this information, within the framework of religious teachings and social norms. Also, sexual education will cause individuals to overcome sexual problems and crises that they may face in the pre-marriage period and will guide them on the right path to satisfy the divine instinct in a legitimate form and live in psychological stability and build a conscious society, free of sexual problems and their negative consequences for the individual and society.

👉By the way, teaching sexual education for children in schools is important as it is important at home, and it is not necessary like human sexuality education or Sexology! The only thing it should respect is the national sexuality education standards, which are different from a country to another, depending on the religion, ethics, marriage age... in order to have a comprehensive sexuality education.

2.  Importance of Sex Education and its Goals:

Sex education seeks to achieve a number of goals, including:

1. Providing the individual with the necessary correct information about what is sexual activity, and teaching him the scientific indications related to the genitals, in order to form sound directions towards sexual matters, in line with human and natural relations and principles of personality development.

2. Ensuring the establishment of sound gender relations based on accurate understanding and correct trends, with a full appreciation of the personal and social responsibility of sexual behavior, and the protection of the individual from the dangers of irresponsible and unlawful sexual experiences, whether they are health, psychological, or social.

3. Developing the conscience with regard to any sexual behavior that the individual performs, so that it is in line with religious teachings and moral standards, and in a manner that achieves self-esteem and does not harm others.

4. Correcting wrong information, ideas, and attitudes towards some patterns of sexual behavior

3.  Practical steps for sexual education

Most parents do not sexually educate their children for several reasons, either because they do not know how to communicate the information to them, or their life prevents them from opening such topics to their children, or because they do not have the correct information to deliver them to them and leave them to receive information from abroad or from smart devices and the information may come to them Wrong way.

Or the information itself may be wrong, and for this, I liked to write these practical steps, who are different because of the child's age, in order to help fathers and mothers raise their kids sexually perfectly :

3-1.  How do I start talking about sex with children?

  • Girls & Boys 2-6: 

1 - She does not go out alone at noon or evening

2 - It is understood that no one tries to touch her in the areas of her nakedness

3- If she takes off her clothes, she takes off after she makes sure that the room door is closed

4 - Never take off her clothes Outside the home, whatever the reasons.

5- We do not allow her to go out with the driver alone.

6- She does not play with her male relatives who are older than her alone.

7- Trying to get her used to wear long underwear

8- Teaching her proper sitting (not to open her leg or her clothes to be high)

 9- Do not enter the driver's or maid's room

 10- Development of self-censorship at her if her eyes fall on a breach of literature

11- Start of A Pray to sleep on her younger siblings

12 - Get them to sleep on the right slit and show that sleep on the stomach is hated

13 - Begin to teach permission before entering parents in their room

🔥🔥This is an amazing example of this type of education about Puberty, for high school students, watch it out!🔥🔥

  • Boys 10-15:

 1- Explain to him the way the fetus is made and that the only way in Islam is through marriage

2- We explain to him the importance of turning a blind eye

 3- Show him the reason for the prohibition of legalization of being alone with a foreign girl on him

4- Show him away from the young people who talk about pornographic matters

5- We explain to him the limits of dealing with the girl if he was studying in a mixed or foreign school

 6- Opening emotional and sexual issues with him from time to time so that he can get out of himself

7- Talking about sexual diseases and their causes (AIDS and herpes .....)

8- Reminding him to repent and seek forgiveness If he made a sexual or emotional mistake

  • Girls 10-15:

1- We explain to her how to be a fetus and that the only way is Islam through marriage

2- Clarify the importance of wearing the veil and the reasons for which it was imposed

3- We show her the disadvantages of being alone with a young man who is alien to her or a foreigner

4- We explain to her how to wash and cleanse

5- Stay away from girls who talk about their adventures with young people or pornographic sites

6- That she does not respond to any young man who talks to her through social networks

7- We teach her how to deal with any young man who expresses his admiration for her or praises her beauty

8- Her mother focuses on her that she is her friend, and she has to express her emotional privacy

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