How Anime Develops Our Culture – Discover 5 Benefits!

Anime wa ii desu !

Probably, we are all impressed by several amazing types of Manga and Japanese anime series: From action anime, romantic anime to sports anime, or by the attractive anime boys/girls’ haircuts and colors…

That's why, after We Talked about culture definition and meaning, culture shock and the Japanese culture… It is now necessary to see some of its origins, uses, and different benefits. That’s why you will discover here the impact of Japanese anime -if you watch them- on your knowledge, culture and improving your Imagination:

1-Expand your Knowledge balance!

Usually, Manga makers and Anime scenarists are clever, creative, high educated and life-experienced… This allows them to give you useful facts, different real theories, hidden messages, serious situations where they show you how to behave…If you didn’t understand at this point, we invite you to look at this scene from a good anime but don’t focus on actions or the appearances, the focus of the words they say, then you will understand what I meanπŸ€”πŸ˜Ž

2-Closely discover A new culture

Japan has one of the most special Asian cultures, lifestyles, unique traditions, and habits… That’s why reading facts on the internet or books about this culture is not enough at all. But, watching original movies, anime series coming from the bottom of this culture is able to give you a clear image of it.

3-Helps you Learn a new language: Japanese

Of course, because of watching anime several times, you acquire new vocabulary each time, unconsciously. And more important: you acquire the passion, love, and desire toward this new amazing language.which can give you more professional opportunities, improve your memory, give you a new goal and make new foreign friends.

4-Provide you with more life experiences!

As you know, one life is not enough, that’s why we should, read, search, study… In order to learn from other’s lives. And I personally consider that anime is a shortcut to achieve this goal…

anime : one piece

WHY?? We say it is through seeing different life situations that you haven’t been before, and probably you wouldn’t realize how to react or behave. So, here you are an ocean of experiences!

5-Be a better Person At the aspect of psychology

I don’t know If you have realized it yet or not, but many friends of mine have realized -As I did- that Their mood, satisfaction, self-esteem has increased a lot after watching anime, or increases each time they watch anime episodes. And In order to make the paragraph relevant to our topic, I’ve preferred to focus on the psychological aspect which is in short directly referring to the possibility of finding solutions of some of your own problems (which could be psychological-confidence-mental-issues…) in some episodes, and this is a frequent case for Otakus.

πŸ“ŒFor example, you’ve been thinking about issues for a long time, then you came across the same situation with the best solution given to you as a gift…WOW 😜

Benefits of Watching Anime

Faraway from Today's topic we show you some of the benefits that you get from watching anime:


1-Anime is a state of entertainment 

So when you watch anime or movies, or when you read novels, you read manga, or you read Visual Novels...

For example, anime Steins;Gate . Take up many scientific theories and merge them with science fiction. But the question: Will this make you familiar with these theories? Of course not. If you want to learn these theories, you should read about them and watch the courses, not watch the anime.

But the anime that proposes these theories gives us the curiosity to learn it.

2- Overcoming fears and insistence on achieving your ambition, and this is a fact that everyone has benefited from.

3- Knowing the meaning of friends, the value of the family, the same fraternal ties, and considering friends as a member of the family

4- Acquiring different cultures, important information, and love to read all about the world with same Japan, and some of them love to discover the language, i.e. learn new languages.

5 - Estimate the role of women or the role of girls in general and make it in most of the developing countries fighting a female doctor and this indicates evidence of equality between the two parties

6- Strengthening some skills, such as story writing and drawing, because most Otaku has a different imagination than anyone.

7 - The most important benefit is self-confidence because watching the manga anime and everything related to this world gives you confidence as you feel that you are different from others.

neurogical system: different words

  7-Amazing Anime names List:

Finally, In order to make you feel enjoying while learning, here you are a list of 20 amazing anime series if you are a fan of them – like me-, So, enjoy!

  • Boku no hero academia
  • Nanatsu no taizai
  • Black Clover
  • Bleach
  • Kisuku gakkou No Juliet
  • One punch Man
  • Assassination Classroom
  • Koroko No Basket
  • Tokyo Ghoul
  • Kyokou Suiri
  • Dr. Stone
  • Re: Zero
  • Kaguya Sama
  • Sakamoto Desu ga
  • Disastrous Life of Saiki
  • Black Butler
  • Re-life
  • Kokkoku
  • Orange
  • Inuyashiki


So, guys, It looks Like it is our article’s end, we hope you liked it and enjoyed while reading… If you want to see more similar articles, tell us at the comments! We are Episteme Passion, The website you need if you aim to develop, educate, motivate and improve yourself while enjoying through beneficial content, So, join the email list above to keep in touchπŸ˜‰

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