COVID-19 : Education's Impact

Coronavirus in the USA is spreading More every day. As is does in China, in Italy and The entire world Map! Which affects negatively our psychological state, Economy, and Education. Which is the most dangerous thing!

In today's article, we will see how did the COVID-19 impact Education and Culture around the world, And What was the reaction of some countries,  in order to find a coronavirus cure or reduce coronavirus deaths...

1- Morocco as an example 

We always talk about our country: the USA, or Some western countries such as France, Belgium or Australia... But this time let's talk about Morocco as an African government that has done different efforts to fight this famous virus.

If you don't know anything about Morocco or in case if you have never heard a thing about this country, check THIS LINK, as an article introducing its culture!

monalisa coronavirus mask painting

At the Educational Level

The Moroccan Government has stopped studies in all schools: including colleges, universities, high-schools... Instead, they have started online courses and communications between students and teachers via Google Hangouts, Zoom or other local platforms...Where they share the lessons first in a PDF file, then they start group calls with the teacher to understand missing points and explain difficult stuff...

This period has started on the 15/03/2020 and nobody knows when they will return. While the lockdown(quarantine) has stated on the 20/03/2020 and will finish on the 20/04/2020.

On the health level

Today morocco has over 600 infected cases with the coronavirus, which has improved fast in a short amount of time... However The government focuses on sharing Awareness and  Knowledge about this pandemic...Which plays an important role in reducing infection cases

Coronavirus Virus Worldwide

Coronavirus has deprived more than 500 million students of their regular studies according to BBC news .which is the most dangerous thing about this subject, WHY?? Simply because nowadays, Knowledge, education, and Culture have no price, they are priceless, that's why poor countries are less educated if we don't wanna say they are ignorant!

And 40 percent of the world is in a case of quarantine, only locked in their homes... 

🔥👉 The video above is really good by Doctor SEHEULT if you were interested in discovering the latest of this Virus.

Coronavirus Italy

At these moments Italy is totally paralyzed, there is no education, no health and no economy... This country has lately announced that is has lost control and all the available solutions were not enough, so the cure now is now can only be from the sky...


Finally, We assume that this period is quite hard and stressful for all humanity, and we don't have any other solution than staying at home for our safety, and of course to keep in check with culture and education, reading books, and avoiding fake or negative news...


From all this, You as a reader: should know how to benefit from this situation as you should learn something from this article:

  • First: be positive, and focus only on positive news 

  • Second: Learn something new while staying at home these days

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