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Education is of three types, which are physical education, and it specializes in caring for the requirements of the body in terms of nutrition, sports, sleep and caring for health, then human education is specialized in education, culture, work, information exchange and increasing experiences.

When we look a little a few years ago, we find that life was going quietly and beautifully, and the various joys of life fed the three types of education. Physical education was receiving a large share of attention, as time allowed for rest, relaxation, and picnicking in quiet roads, parks, healthy weather, and fresh air. Although diseases were spreading and intensifying from time to time, the body’s immunity was strong, because the nutrition was healthy, And body strength was fighting diseases.

As for human education, such as ethics education, learning, exchanging information or knowledge and increasing experiences, it was also present even on a narrower scale today, but it was not contaminated as it is now with some counter information that confuses thought and sabotages individual and international human relations and that work in all areas were not robbery of man all his time It is wasted at the expense of the human being and his family life.

As for spiritual education, the stability of the life of the individual and the family and the time available for the human being was given to man the opportunity with an idea free of quarrels and conflicting ideas. He could have approached his Lord with an empty heart and a pure spirit. And this feeling was spreading to people of different religions even if it was not a religious occasion for them. Personally, I am happier with all religious occasions and share their owners with them.

Now we find that everything has changed radically and concepts have mixed and the human being is no longer able to control the various aspects of his life, so very rapid developments of life have begun to attract him from every direction. The generation that lived through the beautiful past and who tasted the taste of true happiness is now very missing it. The present generation was convinced that this is happiness because it did not taste the original taste of true happiness.

As for the various aspects of the human being, the college has been affected by what is happening around it. Physical education has changed, concepts and ethics have also changed in a worse way. The family no longer has a coherent entity, not to mention the forced exit of the mother to work for long hours to confront the livelihoods as well as the father’s departure for most of the time not to face the conditions of life but to meet the requirements An era of rapid movement and rotation, as if life had become a cruel vortex and only the poor human being who was searching for safety was drowned in it

👉 We must not as well talk about Sexual education, check this previous article if you want to discover more about it!

Education has not changed much despite the great additions that have appeared, such as the new culture of computer science, for example, but what has changed is the person himself. Private lessons have increased surprisingly, so the student has relied on them more than he relied on his research capabilities and explained the teacher in the school, as if that became the right path and it is a path Assumptive.

As for the right nutrition, we missed it badly. The human industry entered and controlled the various natural sources of nutrition. The sizes of fruits and vegetables have increased significantly, but they have lost every taste or smell. When you were buying mangoes or apples, the house was for days that smelled of the natural fine fruit. 

It has an analogy in our world in which industry has become the primary source of nutrition and agriculture and nature are subject to the industry laws. As for the air, the exhaust has destroyed the immunity of the body, and the congestion of the streets has caused fear for the people from the many accidents.

As for human education, a wonderful and intensive scientific boom of knowledge has emerged and is moving at a rapid pace until the individual is panting so that he can follow it, and the world has become an open book on the internet for everyone who wants to provide information and different cultures about any spot on the earth, and communication through this giant network has become short The distances between a person and his family or friends scattered all over the earth, and this is a great talent and virtue, but as much as this great value, a frightening danger threatens the entity of the individual, family, and societies as a whole, which is the complete lack of control and control in listing various information, and thus otherwise The frightening ghost is the morals of our children and young people who have been disguised to be equipped with those spiritual and mental diseases that have afflicted humanity.

 No solution has been found so far, and satellite channels have played a role similar to what the Internet did.

As for spiritual education, it has been paralyzed in all societies. Time is wasted due to the Search for a living sometimes and the abandonment of the conflict for the sake of keeping pace with the modern era, which is called the culture of consumption. For example, if we buy a mobile phone today and a few days later a more sophisticated phone emerges, we hurry to buy it To be in keeping with the developments of life and this case is confined to a category that is not a few rich, and it is measured by cars, computers, and others. The person became worshiped to the Creator, his mind and his heart, either shackled with worries to meet the requirements of the family or with the conflicting information that nurtures his thought or with the ideas that wrestle with the amazing progress of the possessions of life.

The different standards that we were brought up with that were feeding the different aspects of human life were completely broken, so who do we blame now? Is there a solution to that? Can we coexist far from our present world? Questions to ask and I hope to find the answer to it .. And to an upcoming article...

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