Cultural Duplication - Defenition , effect on society and kids


Many foreign people travel to another country to find new opportunities or improve their lives, and most of them prefer to stay in the new country and to build there, his new life including a new family. And in most cases: the life partner has a different nationality, which gives us a new baby with a hybrid culture, or what we call: Cultural duplication or Socialization Duplication!

  • So, What is Cultural duplication definition and meaning?

  •  What effect could it bring to someone's life and personality?

  • How does it Impact the harmony of nations?

  • And When can Cultural duplication present threats...

👉All these questions and more... Keep Reading to know everything about bicultural people and their lives!

1- The concept of linguistic duplication:

It is difficult to define the meaning of the concept of duplication, and this is because it is relative and not absolute.

However, Linguistic duplication means when a child has a father speaking a different language from the mother. This means That during the child's education period, he learns through two languages at the same time, and later instead of having only one mother language he will have two!

2- Cultures overlap:

The overlap between cultures creates a change in the receiving culture, as well as social transformations depending on the nature, depth, intensity, duration of this interference, the importance of the atmosphere in which these interactions take place, through which it determines the negative and positive nature of these interactions and even the extent to which the individual accepts this foreign culture.

According to Mark Rachel, they respond and change according to the specifics of each of them, as well as the conditions under which interference occurs. Interference can cause profound and rapid changes in the two forms of culture or even the two neighboring communities.

3- Cultural duality and the clash of cultures:

The difference between the Islamic Arab culture and the Western culture, especially the European one, showed an excessive fondness towards the Arab culture, as it is considered the only means for social advancement, and we dissociate itself from its Arab-Islamic culture, which I consider to be underdeveloped. The conflict between two cultures only and the situation has increased culturally worse when it opened its doors to the outside world and identified linguistic and cultural duplication, so it played a large role in shaping these frequent positions Fadi, this situation has worsened the situation among young people, especially at the emotional level, where the decline He did not generate new needs.

According to Vitori also at the mental level, the emergence of some forms of mindsets of Western origin that are discarded by original education has caused the emergence of a feeling of frustration among young people who are of the origin of the traditional medium leads to contempt for their environment with its traditions, culture, and beliefs as well.

One of the most important manifestations of this cultural duality in society is that cultural, religious, and educational institutions still use traditional tools in dealing with reality. The language of cultural, religious, and educational discourse is still based primarily on a traditional culture. For example, we find that educational curricula, in terms of their content, do not belong to this era, as if these curricula deal with generations of the last century, and here a rift arises between what the individual learns and what he deals with on the ground. 

Although the reality is crowded with science, knowledge, and the information revolution, these approaches still deal mostly - with facts that have changed and changed a lot. On the other hand, those same approaches, in terms of their structure and methods, are still dealing with old theories, and it is very difficult to apply them to a generation that in fact has what exceeds it in stages, with the new tools that new technology has put in its hands.

4- The problem of cultural dissociation:

Cultural duplication is reflected in the personality of the individual, and this is according to the nature, position, and extent of acceptance of these cultural duplications by these people. When the two cultures are deeply rooted at the same time, the transition from one culture to another and from one language to another is instinctively and there is no sense of disintegration, and this is controlled by the social atmosphere and by this is raised or The degree of cultural disintegration is reduced and the biggest example of this colonial presence is that, through its imposition of control, it led to two opposing reactions, the first of which was France's attempt to consolidate duality in the indigenous population.

 On the other hand, it was fueling the opposition that was driven by religious insignificance in large measure c But after independence, a kind of fascination with the French language and culture emerged, accompanied by the disappearance of attachment to the Arabic language and culture.

5- Bicultural Childen's education

Children in the past could be controlled by knowing where they went, who to befriend and how they spend their lives, which helps us to control their behavior, refine their psyche, and help build them the right construct, away from negative influences, but in modern times, it is no longer possible to use traditional methods of prevention, control, and confiscation, Especially with the world’s ability to reach the child’s hand through modern technology, which causes us to search for modern methods in dealing with the child, and to search for modern education methods that suit this new culture, and this matter is the responsibility of research institutions and universities, and scientific and educational research centers.

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