Inspire and Motivate Yourself, To find yourself again

find youself ! know your true metal!

Finding yourself is a goal that we all want to achieve. Yet, it is only done by motivating yourself, and inspiring yourself as well on daily!

We talk a lot about finding your " true self " or your real personality because it is an amazing experience allowing you to be self-sufficient and Feel happy or motivated in your life. The feeling of not discovering yourself is difficult to describe, but when you do not know your true identity, it is difficult to ignore this. Finding yourself is not an easy task but it is definitely worth trying. Ready? So let's start ...

1-Awaken your conscience

⚡Make a time bar for your life

Write down all the important goals in your life that you feel you've achieved or want to achieve. In order, write down the life events that shaped your personality and influenced your formation. When life faces difficulties and problems, life changes radically in our way of thinking. This is how life experiences shape us to become who we are. These events that you write are a key component of your personality and not just a reflection of your community.

This is not intended to mourn or lament, but rather to know and clarify problems. These problems may be what prevents you from unleashing your abilities and learning about their true self.
Spend some time meditating and exploring the past in your life bar. The timeline of your life is an excellent tool that allows you to objectively determine the events of the past that you consider important, as it allows you to view them as building blocks of your personality and important experiences that changed your life without carrying it with many emotions (as may happen while writing a diary). As if you are writing a resume for a job, write without complications or exaggerations and focus on the main events and lessons learned from each event in the past.

When analyzing negative past experiences, focus on what you have learned from them. There are pitfalls in the life bar of every person, but intimidation or lessening it will not help you. Instead, understand that these experiences have shaped your personality and what you are now.

🙄Separate your own thoughts from others. 

For most people, it is easy to wade through life, crushing the thoughts and circumstances surrounding them. We practically offer a "real life" roadmap. go to school. Get a job. Get married. Think like this and do not think like that... Suddenly, life ends! This is not a bad thing (it definitely does), but this does not leave a space for you to create your own ideas and ideas. So, at the end of the timeline, write some of your own beliefs that are not based on logic but rather on what you have been told in your life of others, we all have such beliefs. Now, what do you think?
Society invisibly classifies everyone, condemning "failure" and glorifying "beauty" and rejecting "strangers". Be aware, however, that these descriptions and classifications are completely groundless. 

🎈What is your Impression about everything around you ??

 Think about what you think is good or bad. It is not what you were told from anyone else.

Try to think deeply. because education, knowledge and culture and very important to give you the wayfinding yourself.

Do you really agree with your parents' political views and religious beliefs? Is it really your career that matters most to you? Wearing these thick black glasses really makes you feel more elegant? If the answer is no, then this is excellent! There is absolutely no problem if you do not accept the prevailing prejudices. Now all you have to do is forget what you were taught and learn again, this time with your own intuition.

💖Start relying on yourself.

 Self-confidence and self-reliance are the foundation for discovering yourself. If you do not have a solid sense of your importance, you will always be tempted to others' opinions, urgency and what they think is right. 

💥Believe in yourself + listen to your internal feelings. 

Then you will find a way to develop your sense of self and knowledge of yourself, and remember to be patient with yourself and to trust your abilities. Everything will come with time.

If you were a victim of persecution in the past, faced this problem, it will not be erased on its own and it may remain forever affecting your daily behavior in life, causing you to submit to the expectations and aspirations of others instead of your own aspirations.

Start with confidence in your decisions and the way you judge matters, even with your mistakes. We all make mistakes, but through these mistakes, we grow ourselves, learn and get to know ourselves.

📌Start taking responsibility for the home’s budget, requirements, and planning for the future. 

People who do not believe in themselves usually prefer to ignore life's "details", believing that things will be arranged on their own, but things do not happen that simple. Taking responsibility takes you out of weightlessness and teaches you to rely on self-confidence and self-confidence instead of getting lost in the waves of destiny.

🔌Get ready to start again. 

how to motivate yourself at work  how to motivate yourself when depressed

Develop your own moral behavior and stick to it, start by overcoming harmful habits.

Stop smoking, eating more and drinking too much. These are examples of discouraging behavior that will prevent you from taking advantage of your full potential, as it provides an escape for you to think about your life instead of trying to think of giving more happiness to it without relying on any of these harmful habits.

This step may require a lot of rehabilitation from some people, but laziness in performing its difficulty will not make it disappear. And always remember that you will not push your life forward if you keep looking behind you!

😃Searching for oneself is a task that only you can do. 

as you are the only person who decides what you want from life. However, finding a mentor will be great when you hit the obstacles that will meet you on the road. Find a person you can trust who has self-confidence and a sense of self ... How did he do it?

Explain that you know it is your own journey, but you would like to be guided by his experience. Look at him as objective as possible. What do you think makes him what he is, how he found it, and how he remains honest and reconciled with himself?

In any self-development plan, it is necessary to have a support or a support system. Many people will not understand what you are going through and will consider that you have some mood changes and will block you. Use the counselor to guide you in any of these situations. It will definitely help you.

👌Define your career. 

If you frequently travel between jobs in search of what suits you, this may mean that you are in your depths not feeling happy. Changing a job maybe just an excuse to not realize your personal ingredients. Caring for what you really love will help you find yourself. If you do not need the money urgently, what work do you prefer to spend your day? How can you make money from this business?

🧠Allow some time for free-thinking.

 Think about what you like and what you don't like, think further than this about any idea that comes to your mind and write what you think, then go back to thinking about your career and look at what you wrote during the free association of ideas. What kind of job might relate more to the ideas that sparked your interest and enthusiasm during your free-thinking? Free thinking is mainly based on trying to find what excites happiness amid the heap of duties and expectations imposed on you by the conscious mind.

In any case, do not forget that you may not be able to find work soon, which has aroused your enthusiasm. If this happens, you must strike a balance between your life and your work, allowing you to search for yourself outside of work, even if this means that you work longer. This is not difficult if you remember that it is in search of a lasting and stable sense of self.

🤦‍♀️🤦‍♂️give up feeling the desire for everyone to love you.

Accept that some people will not feel friendly towards you, regardless of what you do to change that feeling. It is important that you are not preoccupied with the opinions of others about you because you will not be able to please everyone. Just as you do not want to frustrate the people close to you, they are also supposed to want to please you. As long as you always live trying to apply other people's ideas of what you should be, you will never reach to know the truth about yourself. 

Do not waste your life trying to please others, causing yourself the misery.

You must realize that some people feel jealous, fearful, or amazed at the person who changes his habits and develops his personality to become more mature and self-loving (some people may also like this). This change you make is a threat to your existing social relationships, and it also forces those around you to take a hard look at their private lives which they may not want to do. Allow some space for these people and show your sympathy for them, and relations with them will return over time. If not, skip these people. You do not need them to find yourself.

📛Give up negative thoughts.

 This may sound a little mysterious, but it is not difficult. Try to reduce the judgment against others or even yourself. This will help you for two reasons:

  •  1) Positive thinking develops self and leads to a feeling of happiness that is not often available when one feels lost.

  •  2) Allow you to take advantage of new experiences or meet new people (whom you have turned a blind eye to before). This will open new horizons for you and enter you into a world that may be better than yours, a world where you may find the place that suits you and fulfill your dreams.

Try to do something every day that you wouldn't normally do to think that it was "strange", "irrational", or even "inconvenient". Exiting your shell will lead to more than learning a new experience. It will also force you to know yourself more. What you can, what you love, what you don't love, and what you've been missing in your life before.

achieve succes with power of the will

😁 Useful ideas 😁

  • Right and wrong are points of view, so don't worry.

  • Listen to your intuition and trust it!

  • Although it is a term consumed. "Be yourself" is real advice. When it comes to searching for self, make sure no one else influences your identity. Listen to the advice of others and learn from their experiences, but always let the last decision. If you always obey the opinions of others, it will be difficult to find yourself because it is others who determine what you think of yourself.

  • Be tolerant of others, hoping they will be tolerant of you as well.

  • Get out of your shell. Record how you interact with reality outside of your usual comfortable world and you will discover things about yourself that you did not know before.

  • During the trip, you will sometimes feel the need to cry, and it may help to unleash your feelings.

  • There is no set time for your goal, so be patient.

  • You do not need to hurry in making your decisions. Your decisions will be more desirable than emanating from a calm and lame mind.
  • Be the best person you can be, this person is your true self.

⚠  Warnings  ⚠

  • Do not fool yourself by trying to figure out a personality that has nothing to do with you, and it is also important not to let your family members or those around you from society decide to push you in one direction, especially when it comes to your appearance.

  • Don't let others decide your destiny, as their path in life may not be right for you.

  • Do not spread false rumors or talk badly about people. Destroying others is not a way to gain self-knowledge. Rather, it will discourage you from your dignity as a person and make you hated by people.

  • Do not receive to try to change yourself or pretend what is not your reality in order to reconcile with others.

  • Do not over-analyze all situations! There is no right or wrong, and as long as you try, you are on the right path.


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