Self Actualization Meaning | Guide To prosperity (Maslow Needs)

Self-Actualization is one of the personal processes that each individual seeks to reach, In order to achieve success, grow educated, and stay motivated, and thus It's important to know self actualization definition, some examples, and of course Maslow's theory of self actualization( hierarchy of needs).

1 - Self Actualization Definition

It is the individual attaining some of his goals and objectives in life and does not mean not being able to achieve all the goals, but it is sufficient to strive hard and not surrender in the event of some obstacles.

And above all, in order for a person to achieve himself, he must achieve the satisfaction of his Lord, glory be to Him, who is self-fulfilling in all the demands of life, which requires the achievement of several stages, starting with seeking education, then seeking a job, and then his desire to form a family, starting with marriage, and then wishing children and then Striving to own housing and so on, as well as wishing to advance in work by performing professional duties to the fullest extent dictated by his conscience and the consent of those responsible for him, as well as achieving his community's satisfaction with him through his service and assistance to others, and so the self-fulfillment.

2 - importance of self-actualization

It is the first step and the beginning of the path to achieving self-satisfaction and a sense of happiness and elation. Development on a personal level increases people's acceptance, the number of your friends increases, and you live with your family with happiness and understanding. On a practical and functional level, it increases your position in the workplace and makes you occupy the highest ranks.

self identify maslow abraham self actualization psychological need social needs pyramid

 Mentally: It works to increase the areas of broad and manifold thinking, and to increase your higher-order thinking skills, which opens up more fields for you on a practical and social scale.

Mathematically: It increases the physical capabilities and mental openness and increases health and wellness. It increases a person's confidence in himself and thus causes the person to speak with others, and he may, in turn, contribute to helping others to develop themselves and provoke them by their inner mind for development and change.

3 - How to achieve self actualization

 In order for the individual to reach self-actualization, Maslow suggested several steps or methods in this regard, and some of them are mentioned below: 

Non-manufacturing: The individual who is looking for self-fulfillment must act naturally without any fabrication and refrain from shyness and fear of trying new things; that is, he tries to free himself Of anything that might limit it and make it behave differently from its nature. 

Self-knowledge: the self-investigating individual must try to know himself and stay away from individuals who impose opinions and explain what he feels or thinks because the self-investigator is the one who knows himself more than others.

Setting goals: This is accomplished by achieving the individual's small goals and working towards achieving them. His big goals will be achieved and hence his attainment of self-realization.

Learning from experiences: The individual learning from the situations and experiences that he is going through, whether these experiences are negative or positive, contributes greatly to the individual's achievement of achieving himself and his potential.

maslow's pyramid self actualization esteem love belonging safety psychological

4 - self-actualization examples

  • Diligence, and perseverance.
  • Flexibility: consulting others, not being independent, and accepting their opinions, believing what was said (who consulted with men shared their minds)
  • The realization of the real world: they are not blinded by their personal desires and inclined to objectivity
  • Acceptance of oneself, others, and the world in general: They have a clear idea of ​​the strengths and weaknesses of themselves and others, but their acceptance is neutral.
  • Automaticness: They express themselves openly and honestly and are not afraid to express their opinions and their independent judgments to others.
  • Focusing attention on problems instead of caring for oneself: Instead of being preoccupied with their personal status, they focus on the things that need to be accomplished in the surrounding environment.
  • The need for privacy and independence: Their circumstances require more time for themselves than is necessary for ordinary people.
  • Renewed enthusiasm to give things their right: most of us lose the ability to approve the simple things that pass on us in daily life. But they fulfill these things, for example, sunrise or open flowers.
  • Social tendency: They have a strong feeling that others should participate and belong.
  • Personal relationships are limited. Self-investigators have few, but strong and profound friendships that are usually with others who are self-fulfilling.
  • Creativity: They are characterized by lack of hall and creativity and are not afraid of making mistakes in new situations
  • Creation, tolerance, and team spirit in work: They are characterized by great openness, frankness, and spontaneity in their relationships with others, and there is no trace of excellence in their dealings with others.

5 - Maslow's pyramid (self actualization pyramid)

  Maslow's pyramid is a philosophical theory developed by the scientist Abraham Maslow, where this theory talks about the ladder of different human priorities, stressing that there are many needs that he seeks to satisfy by carrying out many actions and behaviors to reach them, as it states that the unsaturated needs cause Frustration, tension, and acute psychological pain, and in this article, we will talk about the explanation of Maslow's pyramid.

maslow needs pyramid hierachy self actualization abraham maslow

6 - Maslow's Self Actualization Theory

 maslow's hierarchy of needs

These needs are breathing, food, water, sex, excretion, sleep, and an individual who suffers from a lack of satisfaction in these needs, which makes him excessively satisfied later, so we see a poor person when he becomes rich and spends a lot of his money on food and drinking. The need for appreciation Social needs Safety needs Physiological needs

7 - Abraham Maslow Biography

(April 1908 - June 8, 1970) Abraham is an American psychologist, born in Brooklyn, New York. His parents are two Jewish immigrants from Russia Country.
He got famous because of the theory of needs. He began studying law at the university under the influence of his parents' pressure, but he soon left his city to study at the University of Wisconsin where he received a Bachelor of Arts (1930).

And received a Master of Arts in 1931 and a Doctor of Philosophy in 1934. He married his childhood friend (Bertha Goodman), had two children and he was twenty years old. He is considered one of the founders of the Essalin Institute in California. He began teaching at Brooklyn College and during his lifetime he contacted many European immigrant intellectuals such as Alder, Fromm, Kurt Glodestin.

Among his most prominent books we find :

  • Towards the Psychology of Being (1968)
  • Motivation and Personality (1954)
  • The Farthest Ability of Human Nature (1972)

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