Building Self esteem - Learn How To !

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Building self-esteem is an important skill you should master in order to upgrade yourself an gain self growth.

That's why, if you want to improve yourself, boost self esteem and increase self confidence... This is article is for you!

We'll show you a complete guide here, which will blow your mind out with amazing Tips containing the missing keys you need to unlock your full esteem and self development skills.

Table of content :

  • Self-esteem / confidence meaning
  • Reasons To build continuous self confidence 
  • 7 golden tips for building self esteem
  • Low Self-Esteem Problem and Solution
  • Conclusion

📌Note :

We advise and encourage you to read the entire article and not to skip any paragraph ! as it contains critical piece of information that you need, especially the 3rd and 5th parts!

I - What is the meaning of self-esteem?

Self-esteem definition is the amount of image in which a person views himself, is it high or low.

Self-esteem is a basic character in the personality as well, and it is based on several basic components of the self, some of which are epistemological (self-evaluation and answering the question: What is my value?).

Self-assessments of the individual have a prominent influence on behavior and that self-efficacy achieves for the individual desired results and goals and helps him achieve adaptive behavior...

So self-esteem is an internal situation based on saying that the individual has value and that he is unique and important. It is our knowledge of ourselves and our love for them, as they are their positives and negatives

Also, self-esteem may be constant, variable, strong, or weak, depending on the psychological and social conditions experienced and encountered by the individual.

And self-esteem is not born with a person, but rather is gained from his experiences in life and the way he reacts to the challenges and problems in his life. And childhood is very important because it constitutes the child’s view of himself. He must deal with children with all love and encouragement, and assign them tasks that they can accomplish so that they gain appreciation and confidence in themselves, as well as teenagers.

II - The importance of self-confidence

All of your problems in life could be solved by learning the appropriate goal-setting skills. But there is one essential element necessary for achieving your success, and without it, it does not matter how talented you are in mental technologies to reach your goals, and you will be condemned to failure.

This key element is: self-confidence.

This may seem self-evident, but if you are among the millions of people who lack self-confidence, you will know how this affects the destruction of your efforts to reach your dreams, even the most basic efforts day in and day out in your personal and professional life.

People who lack confidence, have difficulty exchanging ideas, talking about what they want or need, and the difficulty of starting conversations, caring for difficult projects or doing anything potentially dangerous or embarrassing; knowing that they lack intelligence, ability, Or even the desire to be successful, but they simply do not feel the ability or strength, and therefore they refrain from taking any action and drives them towards that fear and self-doubt.

  • Confidence boosts achievement

Self-confidence grows steadily, and when you succeed in a small field, you will feel more confident in general, and you will be able to address areas of less confidence in your life, and it requires permanent practice and not allow yourself to be disturbed and afraid, and over time, your confidence will grow more than Fears and doubts, and the evidence will be clear through the amazing changes that you see throughout the year in your money, your business, your relationships and your life!

You will discover that your beliefs about yourself are not the whole truth, you have a lot to offer, but you will also likely see the areas in which you need to improve “your relationships, your skills, your appearance, etc.”, and according to research, work and achievement alone enhance your feelings of confidence.

👉So now, after you saw the definition of self-esteem and confidence it's time to give you what you really need, read carefully till the end and don't forget to practice what you learn!

III - 7 golden tips for building self-esteem

    strong personnality confidence karisma

    1-Talk positively with yourself.

    That's the first step for self growth : As a habit, repeat daily positive ideas, quotes, and affirmations about your strong personality, beauty, knowledge, importance and avoid anger... which means: remember yourself to your achievements and the good points you have in life!

    2-Face your problems and your deep wounds

    Most of us are hiding their deeps fears, wounds and problems...They try continuously to escape from their past or their psychological issues, which deprives them of their confidence and prevents them from achieving success!

    That's why you should increase your brave level, so you can avoid your faults, then correct them, without overthinking!

    3 - Self-belief

    self-belief motivates a person and helps him to conquer his fears and achieve self-confidence. Trust promises to place a leap between the current place and the place the person aspires to reach.

    It is obvious that we are all equal humans, which means keep in mind that no one is better than you have the right to judge you as someone with low self confidence.

    4-Put yourself on the top of priorities

    You must take care of yourself and put it first. For example, if a person is asked to do things that he hates not accepting in order to satisfy himself, it is important to do what makes one feel better and not to provide another interest in his interest.

    5-Don't make comparison with others:

    It is important to know that each person is different from the other, and every person has value just because he is a human being, and belief in that helps self-esteem.

    6-Practice sport

    As you know a confident brain comes from a confident body...However, doing sport gives you the state of feeling refreshed, confident and Limitless...

    Stay in shape, and care for your appearance will make a major difference in the way you esteem yourself!

    7-Have fun !

    Having fun gives you an amazing feeling, which will help you feel and think positively and look forward to improving yourself

    IV - Lack of confidence reasons and Solution

    lack of self confidence self esteem problem confidence

    Many reasons hide behind your shyness and self esteem lack, That's why you should understand these reasons and face them, in order to build a strong personality. These reasons are :

    Miserable childhood:

    Whereas the wrong methods of education, such as the dominant interaction with the child, may make him afraid or anxious, and not breaking his fear barrier by his family and those around him makes him a person who is not sure of himself when he grows up.

    Focus on others:

     Whereas a person’s dependence on others and the connection of his life to their lives erase a feeling of independence, and therefore lack of self-confidence.

    Feelings of inferiority:

    Whereas, the person’s feeling and inner feeling that he is less, or that he suffers from a deficiency compared to others, loses his self-confidence.


    As the constant desire to do everything perfectly and with the best results, and not accepting less than the best may frustrate the person in the event of failure to achieve this level, and thus feel the lack of confidence in himself or his capabilities.

     Mental image:

     Since a person’s view of himself is reflected in his actions and his self-confidence, if he believes that he will not succeed and judge himself for failure, he will often actually fail.

    Wrong interpretations:

    Many people classify others with erroneous classifications and interpret their behavior as meaningless, for some may classify a person with a weak personality as timid, peaceful, or polite, or others may interpret the actions of a strong personality as arrogance, selfishness, or disrespect for others.

    Fake gains:

     Some people who are not sure about themselves may feel that they are doing the right thing, and that lack of self-confidence and initiative, for example, prevents them from being criticized or failing; thus they believe that they are doing things the right way.

    V - Conclusion

    Finally guys, After reaching this amount, Here's a summary of what you really need to keep in mind to unlock your self esteem . Because You are now ready !

    🧠Remember these words:🧠

    • Self-confidence is what generates your entire success and achievements

    • It is impossible to impress everybody or to be accepted by all your friends!

    • Forgive anything in any way and let it walk.

    • Dream big dreams because big dreams are your way to success

    • People who are self-confident don't compare themselves to others

    • You can not do everything at the same time.

    • There is nothing to prevent you from reaching the top in your field except you

    • You cannot do everything with the same precision and mastery.

    • Whenever you meet others, look in their eyes, clearly state your name, and shake hands with them consistently

    • How to mention your name to others is a measure of how much you love and respect yourself

    • You cannot do everything better than anyone else, everyone has deficiencies.

    • You will not be a wonderful and distinguished person and you are a unique phenomenon in the history of mankind.

    • Your positive expectation of yourself is the mainstay of confidence-building

    • life is not a problem or a dilemma that needs to be resolved, but rather it is a gift from God to enjoy it !


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