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Nothing is better than starting Your day with Yoga or morning meditation to get motivated! it could be a 5 minute or 10 minute meditation session, zazen (seated) alone in your Zabuton (Sit Carpet), or a guided meditation by professionals. The purpose of Yoga and meditation is to get relaxation, mindfulness, headspace free, and body scan meditation...  And in today's article, we'll discover types of yoga and meditation - especially vipassana meditation - and meditation's benefits for Body and Mind !


Vipassana Meditation Meaning

It is a powerful practice to eliminate the ultimate causes of suffering and obtain true happiness resulting from complete liberation, as well as being one of the oldest meditation techniques in India. 

It is a transformed path of self-observation and meditation. 

Vipassana It is about using our brains to find answers to those big questions that affect us and that have somehow accompanied us since the beginning of time: Who am I? How can I free myself from suffering? Or what is my relationship with the world?

Meditation Benefits and Yoga's Purpose

-In short, commitment and control of the desires of the soul-

This is done by observing the waves of pain and comfort during your meditation, without complaining or wanting to feel a sense, just maintaining balance so that you do not desire a comfortable feeling and do not avoid a feeling that you do not like. This comes from the simple and realistic premise that nothing lasts and nothing stays the same for more than a split second.

 the conscious person who is conscious of this truth becomes certain, the feeling of pain and pleasure for him becomes the same (in meditation and in life in general), and he becomes the one who controls his mind, not the other way around, and thus he volunteers him in the good of the goal that he chooses.

As for the prevention of any religious rituals, this is simply aimed at directing the students ’entire attention to themselves without lazy reliance on ideas that promise to protect them or repeated rituals that lead them to walk as often as they started. The technique urges the student not to flee from himself and made resorting to divine strength a relationship of love and diligence rather than begging that arouses compassion.

The notes you'll read online don't pay much attention to how much sleep, eating, or walking you will need, or even how much pain you'll feel. You will gradually get used to the ten-day rhythm and you will not feel that you are losing control of yourself or your surroundings. This is a safe experience done by millions around the world and among them many political and technological personalities as the founder of Twitter.

The following Video Is interesting to watch, it's explaining why our minds prevent meditation continuously!

Do yoga and meditation really help your body and mind?

Studies and research that put yoga and meditation practice under test indicate many benefits, such as: improving self-memory, objective perceptual performance in patients with personal cognitive decline (SCD), and their positive impact, by reducing inflammatory molecules whose continued presence may lead to serious health problems, such as depression Cancer, as well as its benefit by improving lower back pain, and relieving symptoms of depression.

Another study, published in the journal Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, showed the positive effect of meditation and yoga on the central nervous system, as well as on the immune system, which improves the general health of the individual.

The researchers followed in this study, the participants over a period of three months, in which they practiced yoga and meditation, with a vegetarian diet, and among the 200 participants, females and males, 98 of them volunteered to participate in tests that measure specific biometrics, but due to lack of support, Only 38 of them (19 male and 19 female) underwent such tests, however, and due to some circumstances that made some data unusable, only 26 of these volunteers, the biological samples collected from them were analyzed.

Why Meditation?

"Man does not live by bread alone"

Therefore, high rates of prosperity and amazing progress do not necessarily indicate psychological satisfaction and reassurance. This concept can be withdrawn by dropping it to Western society specifically. According to Gerd Burns’s report published in British Time magazine since 1999 “The body is healthy, rich, and unhappy.” The indicators of hope were inversely proportional to the rates of wealth in the countries that were tested, that is, the rate of pessimism From the future increased with welfare rates. He concluded his report by describing the "Bakuto" tribe living in the Congo to the Western human being as "a bat that flies with tension but does not know where".

In light of this anxiety that coincided with the novelty of life, man, in the West, in particular, tried to find a way to reassure his anxious soul, and in the search journey, the yoga that spread at the hands of Hindus coming from the east came to make a promise of comfort to the soul and body.

 It began to spread with the migration of Hindu yoga teachers to America since the late nineteenth century, but it reached the peak of spread in the sixties of the twentieth century with the arrival of the yogi * Maharishi Mahesh coming from the Himalayas to revive the world spiritually, and the spread gradually increased inside and outside the United States, And has issued many books and publications in various languages, such as English and German, and has opened many centers that support this spread.

Types of Meditation or Yoga

The list below shows you the most famous Types of this practice if you want to learn them :

  • Buddhist meditation
  • Shoonya and Samyama meditation
  • Hatha yoga
  • passive observation
  • basic yoga
  • mantra meditation
  • vipassana meditation
  • chakra meditation

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