Why Does It Hurt Being Cheated On | 6 Must-Know Causes

Love relationships are important in everyone's life. However, many relationships end-up due to catch a cheater, being cheated on and betrayed, whether it's a Boyfriend/ Girlfriend Relationship or a serious marriage relationship...

And of course, a huge feeling of hurt, pain, and frustration comes after breaking up, after s(he) cheats on you! That's why Understanding this strange Deep feeling becomes Important If you want surviving infidelity!

And, guess what ...

In Today's Article, You'll Understand Why Breaking up is so painful? Why does it hurt -deeply- when your beloved cheats on you? And What Are the Common Reasons and Causes of Cheating and Breaking Up...?

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First, Pain After Breaking up is something You Should Feel! Not only in cheating cases, but in general:  When You Finish a relationship as well...If you want to get over a break up.

It's a normal Mental and Psychological Mind's response, due to missing the beloved person, as it could be caused by the difficulty of getting familiar with your new lifestyle: where you are alone again.

Because unconsciously, Humans are Creatures who Seek stability and avoid change and changing situations (in both: Personal life and Professional life: Jobs and careers, Directions...)

This means to deal with this feeling, you should know that's it's only a short hard time you are having in your life, and it's a temporary difficult state of mind that needs some time. Always Remember this Quotes Whether You feel it:

Time erases Everything...Including the worse Tragedies

What about Cheating Cases?


In short, most cheating cases are caused because of losing interests on the other person, not getting sexually or emotionally satisfied, And finally because of Disputes and serious problems.

The strange deep feeling of frustration is caused by: emotional infidelity: being disappointed in your beloved, recognizing that all the sweet words, beautiful promises, and the empty dreams were all lies and fake! , In addition to having self-confidence doubts: where you wonder if you weren't enough for him/her, Didn't be on the expectations ...

One main other reason is the waste of your love. For example, you realize that you gave your heart and soul to the wrong person, because he didn't appreciate them, and not exchange you the same feeling.

In cheating cases, most people end up with depression or a serious mental illness, for not understanding the reasons above, or for overthinking for the same thing for weeks.

 Instead -If you are one of them, realize that it is not the end of the world, and you will absolutely find someone else better, yes much better than you think -. You must be grateful for ending that toxic relationship before it got deeper and serious before the cheating case happened! (And of course, we all hate polymorous relationships)

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Best relationships Advice

If You want some good relationships tips for men and women, just focus on these 5 simple tips:

1-      Choose Wisely your partner and don’t be hasty!

2-      If you want loyalty, just be faithful and honest.

3-      Be attractive, romantic, and take care of your partner.

4-      Learn daily about dating tips and love advices.

5-      Be curious about the other Sex, Look for its benefits.

Tips to get rid of depression after a failed love Relationship 

Love is a gorgeous thing in life and failed love relationships are also well spread, due to many reasons creating frustration, the incapability to continue living, being depressed, and the inability to practice life normally.

Because a must-know fact is that the feeling of love and attention increases the secretion of "serotonin" in the blood, which makes the person feel happy, psychological comfort, and love of life, and therefore when failing In this relationship, a person feels frustrated, unwilling to live, and a narrow feeling.

The counselor of psychiatry provides some advice that helps to get rid of the effect of the failed love relationship and avoid depression because of it, which are:

1- Stay away from sitting alone for long periods of time, to avoid thinking about this constantly.

2- You have to walk and go out constantly.

3- Focus on developing relationships with others, and meet new people in your life.

4- Doing good things, such as a charity.

5- Getting rid of anything that reminds you of your past.

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