Civilization vs Culture | What's the Difference ?


Many of us confuse the concepts of Culture and civilization...  With the knowledge that these two words are widely different meanings and have totally disparate definitions!

That's why, Today We'll discover together the main difference between culture and civilization, culture meaning, also the aspect of using each one.

So, Keep Reading!

Definition of civilization

Civilization is defined as urban residency, and civilization is civilization as opposed to nomadism, and the word civilization refers to the advanced stage of human development, and urbanization of people are urban residents and residents of cities and villages, as the term civilization indicates progress in the scientific, technical, architectural, and literary fields with all the advantages Surrounding in each of the areas

The difference between civilization and culture

Differences Between Civilization and Culture are mainly :

  • Culture is related to the spiritual side, while civilization is related to the exchange between man and nature

  By this, he means that culture is related to the heavenly preamble, i.e. the relationship of man with existential questions and his first origins, and human culture is related to his true struggle to understand his relationship with the universe, while civilization is a continuation of the material exchange between nature and man, so that man invests nature in a way that suits his needs.

  • The bearer of culture is the human and the bearer of civilization is society:

By this, it means that culture is a subjective force based on nurturing, for by nurturing a person begins the journey of understanding, and receives answers to questions related to his existence and his spiritual concepts, and with time either the person nourishes the spiritual aspect in it or neglects it, or it stops or stops, while civilization is the human endeavor to coexist with nature Harnessing and dealing with it through science and learning.

  • Civilization is gained through learning, while culture is gained through meditation:

  The activity that develops culture is an emotional and emotional activity, in contrast to the activity that develops civilization, for civilization grows with science, learning, gathering information, trying to reach the truth, and linking facts together.

Summary of the difference between civilization and culture

  Civilization is the material development achieved by man, and it focuses more on the financial, economic, and urban aspects. As for culture and because of its religious origin, it reduces the focus on the human's lustful and physical material needs and expands the orbit of the human needs of mankind, which explains the emergence of types of asceticism and self-denial.

examples of culture

The world has a variety of different cultures around different continents, such as :

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