Advertising Vs Marketing | What's the difference ??


If we ask anyone down the street, who has never studied economy, or related economic sciences about Marketing's definition, he will immediately answer with a high amount of self-confidence that simply Doing marketing is doing advertising! Which is totally a misunderstanding and a wrong stereotype about the thing.

And in today's article, we'll understand together what's the truth behind each concept, what's the difference between them, and when to use Marketing instead of advertising.

1- Advertising definition

Advertising is one of the marketing strategies that depend on trying to influence a certain group of people, by communicating with that group with specific messages that affect their behavior in order to persuade them to make a specific decision, such as the decision to buy a new product.

So advertising is any means that is communicated with any person with the goal of persuading him of a specific matter, in order to make the decision that the advertiser wants to achieve a return or profit.

The ad itself may contain one or more communications. For example, the person who gave you a post in your hands to announce his new store may contact you once.

This is in contrast to another company that makes an ad on television, on the radio, on the street and on Facebook, all in order to communicate with you in more than one way in order to convince you to make the decision that you want, and that makes it profitable.

For these advertisements you find in all areas of life, the electoral candidate communicates with you in more than one way and the manner in order to affect you until you make a decision to vote for him in the elections.

All propaganda banners that are posted, as well as seminars and discussions held by that electoral candidate, are one of the advertisements, despite not declaring this, and this is why the term election campaigns appeared or in our understanding we marketers “advertising campaigns

2- Marketing definition

It is the method or activity used by producers to sell products or services to consumers. Marketing is defined as the strategy that contributes to attracting a group of consumers and includes the implementation of many activities, such as sales, advertising, and others. 

Another definition of marketing is that all commercial activities that depend on applying the art of advertising goods and services in order to transfer them to consumers.

3- Seth Godin's Opinion about the difference between Advertising and marketing

In his Best sells Books: The purple Cow, Seth Godin explains clearly the difference between marketing and advertising, as a professional marketer and a man with experience in the field...

He explains how the marketing department doesn't work anymore in any company, to create marketing for the product and make it a success... neither changing advertising or the ads will do it, but he defines marketing as the full process of creating the product, making the price -pricing -, targeting the best-interested audience, creating ads, collecting impressions of customers, and the list goes on and on...

Since Marketing is a big brach containing advertising, this last concept only focuses on creating great ads, for short term sales, and success... This mission is done by designers and other similar technical jobs, But a professional marketer should have many diverse skills, including communication, projecting, pitching, customer services, deals, sales...

The purple cow is really an interesting book about being remarkable to have success in your business, in addition to explaining some marketing tips...

I really encourage you to read it online, many Pdf versions are free, Just Look for it!


What is the difference between marketing and advertising?

If you still have this question in mind after reading all the lines above, Here is the conclusion :

 If marketing is to place products or services in front of those interested in the way that suits them and at the right time.

We have previously known the term advertising, so what is the difference between them then ... The answer is very simple, advertising is part of the marketing process, and is the means by which products are promoted.

If you look carefully at the definition of marketing and the concept of advertising, you will find that advertising is one of the ways in which a product or service is placed in front of the interested or potential customer.

Marketing is a process that has specific stages, starting from studying the market and analyzing consumers and their problems and the best ways to communicate with them, until the stage of after-sales service.

As for advertising, it is only a means, part of the joy of communicating with customers, where advertisements are designed based on the information gathered in the early stages of marketing.

The following video on Youtube is short and Benefecial, You'll understand better Marketing From Seth Godin after watching it ! 

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